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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

House is back on the market

In the next day or two the house should show up in MLS and in Picket Fences, our FSBO magazine.  Since this is the third house and I've worked in real estate (80's) and banking we thought we would use Flat Fee Real Estate, we are using them to list in MLS, there is no lock box with this service so we will have to let the real estate agents in and when buyers call from our FSBO ad we will have to show the house. Everything we are hearing is the market is picking up and houses are starting to sell, sure hope we get her sold this year.

All of our ducks are almost all in a row, just making some final decisions on what state we will declare residency.

This weekend it's suppose to get in the 40's and sunny, great weather for cleaning out the garage, shed and workshop once they're done we can say the house has been totally gone through. Where oh where is our buyer, we are so ready.

Until next time...

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