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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Enjoying The Down Time\New Friends

November 23-December 20, 2018

Christmas has come to Gulf Waters!!! 

Not much going on here, enjoying being with friends and making new ones, guess our friends in Canada didn't warn them about Dave. Fishing, rides, and walks on the beach, fire in the fireplace and a good book when the weather isn't fit to be in. 

Since we are owners of our lot here at Gulf Waters Beachfront RV Resort taking care of issues, on our lot, that crop up are our responsibility. This year our kitchen area was losing power. After some investigating and digging we found the problem and Dave being the handyman he is fixed the problem.
Our truck is a 2012 Chevy Silverado 3500 DRW, our workhorse that moves our house around. The motors that control the seat placement have been making some wonky noises, they finally gave out a few weeks ago. Fortunately, they quit in a position that with the adjustable brake and gas pedals we were both still able to use the truck, just glad there were no long trips planned. We ended up ordering the base of the seat online, motors couldn’t be replaced any other way, for about ½ what the dealer wanted. Dave then spent a few hours taking out one seat base and putting another one, $800 savings, no parts left over was a bonus. Now to find our sweet spots again for driving.

We’ve played the tourist and met up with workamping friends, Bob and Jeanne, from our Durango days. We met up at King Ranch. Before the tour, we watched the short movie about the history of King Ranch and how far reaching they now are. You can read a brief history on King Ranch here but the film gives a greater view of the vast reaches the King Ranch has developed over the years. 

Texas Longhorn
We took the 1 ½ hour bus tour which afforded us with a small glimpse into what makes up King Ranch, from views of where they first found water on the property to a drive-by of the home the family still uses to this day. Richard King was a self-made man who by all accounts always thought of his employees' welfare, there are employees there that are 8th generation employees. From providing homes to making sure there was a dairy, a doctor on site (when it was once a remote place) to a school, fields to the commissary (at one time) for the employees, King Ranch was a place to work and live at for life.
Santa Gertrudis cattle, a breed developed at King Ranch

A long lunch catching up, then a stop at the King Ranch Store didn’t leave time for a stop at the museum, didn’t think we could get thru in 15 minutes. Great to see Jeanne and Bob, hope we can see them one more time before we head out of here.

Our next tourist stop was the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christ. We’ve never been there so on a cold TX winter day we decided to pay it a visit. Guess what, they’ve got fish!!!! And otters, dolphins and a wide variety of sea life from the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. They offer educational programs and behind the scene exclusive tours. We enjoyed spending a few hours perusing the well-done displays. 

One of the best things about full time and blogging has been all the friendships we’ve made over the last 5+ years. We have found how easy friends can be made in the blogging community and how easy the first meet up can be, most of us are out there for the same kind of reason. We were in Page AZ in 4/2016, on our way to Alaska. I saw that Jodee, Bill, and Tessa from the blog On The Road Abode were in the same park, we tried to meet up but Jodee got sick and they had to leave early for family reasons. Recently I saw they could be coming through the area and reached out, Jodee suggested meeting up for brews and I countered with a fish fry at our place. Fish fry it was. So a meetup 2+ years in the making finally happened, another night of laughter with friends who we look forward to seeing again. 
New friends Jodee, Bill & Tessa!!!
Dave continues to sample beers, on our trip south he sampled 50+ new beers since we've been here he's still getting some sampling in. Our local HEB has a wide variety of local craft beer along with the variety packs there are the singles he picks up to try. Good thing he doesn't go to the grocery store every time.

A recent sample from his recent beer run
It’s beginning to look like Christmas around here, our decorations are up, lots of Christmas movies on TV.
We enjoyed the Port Aransas golf cart and boat parade. 

They couldn't decide which parade they wanted to be in

Sites around the park are decorated.

We will be spending Christmas celebrating with our Gulf Waters family and missing those we’re not with. May your holiday season be safe and happy!!

Until next time...

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!