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Monday, March 18, 2013


Yesterday Dave got a temporary fix done on the furnace, have to order a fan motor or something. During the afternoon we got the paperwork done for Flat Fee Realty, going to try this route for the summer. We know the house needs work but it is a good large home with income potential at a decent price, we just need the right person to come through, sure wish they'd hurry up and get here. We don't want to put any more money in since inevitably it won't be what the new owners want, we think we've priced it accordingly, time will tell. Meanwhile the pile for the garage sale grows, the room with the stuff for the RV doesn't seem to be accumulating much from house these days. Went through the laundry room and now have more stuff to get rid off, lots of paints and chemicals, I'll do it after gym one day.

Snoop seems to be settling in fine, finding his places to hang out and his part of the bed at night. He's bonded to me, the other day we were sitting in our office and Dave was holding Snoop, as I came towards the office Snoop jumped off of Dave trying to get to me, well he ended up in the garbage can and couldn't get out, I was more concerned he had hurt himself so didn't get the camera out, but afterwards I was laughing so hard I started crying, just too funny.

Off to the gym now the on to errands. Need a few boxes to pack up some larger peices and need to drop off our bottles. In VT we have a bottle deposit, so there are a lot of fundraising bottle drives. Our campground Maplewoods is collecting bottles to fund a play ground, instead of taking the bottles with us when we go I'll return them today and save the $ for when we get out there.

Until next time...

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