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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Our TX Winter

December 25-February 14, 2023

We hope everyone has had a good start to 2023. We've enjoyed our time here on the TX Gulf Coast. Between family and friends, the time has gone by quickly and now it's time to head toward TN, but before we do I just want to catch up on our doings of the last couple of months. 

We have received many inquiries on our lot, we even had an offer but it was way too little. It will go back into the rental pool when we leave, hopefully, in the near future we will get an acceptable offer. If we don't we'll probably be back next winter for a few months. As of this writing, we have not heard of any work starting on our TN property. We've had a difficult time with communication from our contractor, we think he took too much work on but he has assured us he'll have it ready (crete pad and utilities) before we get there on 3/1, we do have backup plans just in case he doesn't. 

In January our friends Paul and Cindy came to visit Port Aransas, they stayed in another local park. We first met them when they were workamping here at our park, Gulf Waters, back in 214-2015. We've caught up with them a number of times in our travels, always a fun time.  We enjoyed a few meals together, we taught them Dave's game and they taught us a new game, Pegs and Jokers. 

Almost weekly we've caught up with our friends Vic and Phyllis, between fishing, a touristy outing, and card playing we've had some good times with them. We'll see them when we get back to IL since we are in the same campground all summer. 

Our weekly visits with my brother and sister-in-law have been fun, I haven't spent this much time with my brother since we were kids. We're all going to miss our Tuesday evenings of cards. We'll see them again this summer when they stop in to visit our folks.

Christmas Eve with my brother and family

Andy & Kati

Gulf Waters has a different feel to it this year, it could be due to so many of our friends not being here this winter, some of them now own homes in the area. Between medical issues and parents needing care some of our friends did not make it down. Our friends Denny and Joyce did though, at least for a while, they were our neighbors the first winter we were here and we have remained good friends since. Mid-January Denny wasn't feeling good and ended up in the hospital, we were called upon to do doggy daycare for their sweet lab Ellie. As it turns out Denny has cancer and they have returned to PA, with the help of friends that came and drove their trailer back to PA while they flew back. We wish Denny all the best and hope this is just a bump in the road. 
During our only happy hour, Dave served oysters
our friend Denny before he ended up in the hospital

Sweet Ellie

Paula & Steve-former Gulf Waters owners
who now own a house here in Port Aransas

Fishing hasn't been too good this winter, but Dave got out many days to try. He's turned into the go-to guy for those new to surf fishing in our resort. It seems his name comes up whenever anyone is talking about surf fishing and needing advice. Since this year could be his last for a while he has been piecing together his equipment instead of buying anything new.

We did get some spectacular sunrises and a beautiful moonrise.

Until next time...