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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Getting there

What a busy few days it has been around here. Waiting to hear back from Flat Fee, had a few questions but as soon as they are answered we will get the house listed once again.

Dave has the furnace all set, handy having a maintenance tech as a husband. Purging is as done as it can be, on the main floor all the closets and cabinets have been gone through. There is very little kept that won't be going in the RV, of course there will still be the final push of getting rid of some clothes, dishes in case we are here for another holiday and just a few things that will require a run to Goodwill when we sell the house. Aside from the garage the house has been cleaned from top to bottom. The first level still has some piles of stuff, this is the garage sale area. Packing is as done as it is going to get until the final packing takes place, just a few pictures and wall hangings-don't want to have to fix the holes don't have that paint anymore. There are 3 boxes that are partially packed, will also finish them when we do the final pack. So the house is as ready as it's going to get, of course there are things that need to be done but the quandary is do you invest in new carpeting. new windows, new furnace and such or do you keep the house price a little lower, we are going with the second option, why spend good money when someone else may come right behind you and change it all out. Before we head to Maplewoods for the season we do have the garage, a shed and workshop to go through, we should have until the end of April to get those things done, VT is not conducive to early openings at their campgrounds. So by the end of April (5 1/2 weeks) we still have a lot to get done including my trip to FL to drive my folks home and a garage sale.

Heard from the boys this week. David had been in Philadelphia visiting his girlfriend Laura. While out and about he lost his wallet, of course that added a lot of stress to an otherwise great weekend. After filing a police report and having to jump through a few extra hoops to get on board his flight he made it home safely. He hopes to head back east in May or June, all depends on how $olvent he is after he closes on his new (to him) house. He is in the final stages of purchasing his first home, it is a short sale in Surprise AZ, bought it for what we sold our first house for in 1985, and his is just a few years old.

Tom, our younger son, called to share some news with us, me in particular. In the last few years Tom has started bowling on leagues, he inherits this interest from both Dave and I, since highs school and through the late mid 2000's I had bowled on a weekly bowling team and when Dave worked nights he used to bowl on an early morning league. Until recently my friend Rene was still on the team we were on together when we left NY 20 years ago. Anyway Tom called to share his news of bowling his first game over 200, 213 in fact on St Patrick's Day, think the beer may have helped. Too bad it wasn't in a league, no other recognition, I'm thinking of sending him one of my old bowling patches from my over 200 games, found them not too long ago and didn't get rid of them yet. Tom is also hoping to come out east this summer, he's thinking of June for his birthday. Since we are headed west in October we will be seeing both boys so if they don't make it east this summer no problem.

Snoop has acclimated well to living here. While I'm enjoying him I do realize we are no where near ready to commit to a furkid right now. We are looking forward to getting back to the campground where there is usually a dog or two to pet and love.

Now that I have the house under control and have finished the projects I wanted to before we left for the summer I can really start thinking about what to get ready to pack and even start some planning on our trip, as long as it's about RV'ing and not the house, had enough of focusing on the house for a  bit.

Until next time..

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