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Friday, March 8, 2013


What to keep and what to get rid of, ideally we would get rid of everything that won’t fit in the RV but at this moment I’m not ready to make that move. However I am working to rid the house of most of the stuff we won’t be taking with us or storing, figure if I’m not keeping it I might as well not have it hanging around here.
When we first decided to sell the house we hadn’t figured out the RV full time part yet so I packed boxes thinking things would be stored until we had figured out our next home base. Now that our home is going to be on wheels and space is limited major purging has to be done even to the stuff already packed.
February 2013
One of the things Dave and I treasure most is our photos and mementos from our trips and family. When we put the house on the market I had to take all of my pictures out the hallway to the bedrooms, often referred to as rogue’s gallery and all of our photos went into storage.I finally decided it was time to find all of the old photos and scan them into the computer, 5900+ later our lives have fit into a 32g flash drive, lot better than all the boxes they were in. Now I enjoy them all the time, I set my screensaver to randomly show pictures :).   Now we are working on getting our old VHS tapes to DVD before they deteriorate anymore. While sometimes mind numbing it has been fun, reliving our lives a photo at a time.
When we first put the house on the market back in 2011 we had a massive garage sale, as time has gone by another pile of stuff has grown, as soon as the weather turns another garage sale is in order.
March 2013
The transfer of VHS tapes to DVD is done, didn’t edit them at this point, just wanted to get it onto DVD’s  for the time, I’m sure some rainy day I’ll be inspired to but at this point I’m satisfied with what was accomplished.
I’ve been doing a deep clean of all the rooms with new eyes this year. We have let our last realtor go and will be trying to sell the house on our own this summer. As we also get ready to head to Johnson for the summer I am doing another purge of the things in the house, going with the mindset we won’t be returning to this home. As I go through each room things are evaluated and if it’s not going in the RV or stored it is sent down to the garage sale area. I’ve also started going through the packed boxes and reevaluating what is there, is it worth it pay for storage; don’t think I will have as much as I thought.
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