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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Quiet Days on the Gulf Coast

March 25-April 19, 2020

We’ve been on the TX Gulf Coast practicing social distancing and have had a quiet time here. We head to town every 10 days or so to restock perishables and whatever we have run out. Our RV has storage enough for me to have a supply on hand of things we go through quite frequently. The HEB in Flour Bluff now has most things in stock, especially if you get there in the morning soon after they open. Since we have no favorite restaurants here, ours was lost to Hurricane Harvey in 2017, so dinners have all been at home, it’s been over a month since we last ate out.
11/14/14 Lot 623-our first winter owning our lot
3/25/20 Lot 623-no the tiki hut isn't on our lot
The beaches are still open along with the beach road, except for Easter weekend, we can do in motion exercise, and .5 miles down the beach Dave can get to the Corpus Christi beach where he can fish. While the fishing hasn’t been great he’s been able to get some of his catch frozen up. The Peggy Anne, our local shrimp boat, has been out so we have stocked up on more shrimp.

Dave caught it, Pat didn't get a good pic of Dave holding it
I’ve been spending my days walking, reading, TV binging and some purging. We’ve even done some landscaping, the local HEB sales plants so we picked up some more hibiscus, planting them required us to do some work on our irrigation system to accommodate some new plants. We’ve never been here in April, lots of flowers blooming that we don’t usually see, lawns being mowed-that we’ve never seen.

It’s been a very different experience for us here this time, no hugging of friends, no happy hours filled with friends, food, and laughter that will have to wait till the winter. The RV park has about 30 occupied RVs, the rest of the RVs here are used by folks for getaways from some of the surrounding cities.

I think our lifestyle has better prepared us for being together, we’re already used to living in a small place and being together all the time. When we’re traveling a lot of the times we don’t see friends for a while, so not socializing much is part of our way of life at times. We hope our family and friends are staying safe, we can't wait to see them when it's safe to.

Tomorrow we’re heading out towards IL, we’ll do 2 nightly stays on the way. If all goes as planned we will get to IL on Wednesday. The Lake Shelbyville COE is opening one campground for their volunteers and gate attendants that are full time. We will be staying in Lithia Springs until the project is opened for camping, then we’ll move over to Bo Woods.

Until next time…