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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A Mad Dash To Hunker Down

March 21-24, 2020
We left Page AZ as soon as the sun came up, we knew we were losing an hour of travel time. Thankful for the auxiliary fuel tank in the back bed, we had miles to get under our wheels. Days end found us in Truth and
Consequences NM, Cielo RV Park served the purpose, a place to plugin for the night and nearby fuel for the truck. 601 miles down.

The next morning found us once again on the road as the sun came up. A few bathroom stops and 602 miles we pulled into the Kerrville KOA Journey. Another park that served our purpose, close to the highway where we
could plug in and get fuel nearby. That evening on FB I read of the mayor of Port Aransas saying he was going to shut the island down, stressed me out. Not a good night's sleep that night.
4:15am found me awake, 4:30am we were pulling out. 244 miles and at 8:30am we found ourselves pulling into our site at Gulf Waters, 9:30 found us at our local HEB getting a few things. I even saw some elusive TP at the
store at that time. Since we have plenty I refrained from purchasing more. By the afternoon Dave had caught a few whiting and was catching up with his fishing buddies.

Observations from our 1415 mile dash: lots of truckers on the road, lots of CA cars heading east, some closed rest areas, lots of long trains with containers on them, less vehicular traffic, some RVs but not as many as usual, campgrounds were open but not their store/office and getting around the cities were a breeze.
So, for now, we will hunker down here, chances are they will be canceling May's reservations here so we should be set in place for a while. I haven't experienced an April on the TX Gulf Coast since 1971, that was shortly before my dad's job took him to NY.
Yesterday we spent on the beach, it could be closed down in the near future so we took advantage of the beautiful day.closed rest areas, lots of long trains with containers on them, less vehicular traffic, some RVs but not as many as usual, campgrounds were open but not their store/office and getting around the cities were a breeze.

For those who don't know why ended up here in TX. The COE campgrounds nationwide are closing or not opening on time, which is why we headed to TX. Our project doesn't normally open until 4/16 so no campgrounds are turned on yet. All COE parks are being closed and those not opened are delayed. The earliest possible opening date now is 5/15 but that will likely change. Unfortunately for the national parks, while they weren't charging, people took it as an open invitation to gather together, the services at them were closed and it was getting out of control. Lots of state parks have closed for the same reason. They are waiving the fees at BLM land, but for us, that would require too many trips into town for fuel. Thankfully many COE and state parks are letting hosts who are already there stay. We are thankful our RV park closed down to new incoming rentals and no one was on our site at the time. We now have somewhere to shelter, while not nearby my folks, my brother and family now live nearby and we have a large group of friends here, though we all have to keep our distance. Be safe and take care. 
Until next time...

Friday, March 20, 2020

Taking It Slow With Great Friends

February 29-March 20, 2020

218 miles later found us pulling into Cave Creek Regional Park in Cave Creek AZ. We used to volunteer here so we know the park and area well. I helped Dave as much as I could since the effects of my fall on the day before were really settling in.

The next 2 weeks played out quite differently than I had planned. Aside from outings to the grocery store, a couple of dinners out with family and friends and a couple of gatherings with friends I spent the time in my recliner. An icepack, heating pad and Tylenol have become my constant companions, sleeping is no longer comfortable, in the beginning it was agony to get up and down, now in real time 3 weeks later it is a constant dull ache in my left rib cage. I still have Tylenol, heat and ice as occasional companions but I am able to take walks and enjoy, for the most part, some car rides. Thanks honey for taking such good care of me while I’ve been recuperating.
Us with Ranger Mark & Jill
While no photos were taken, bad bloggers that we are, since Curt and Glenda were staying a few nights at Lake Pleasant Regional Park we all got together with Ingrid and  Al. During the course of the conversation, talk turned to summer plans, Curt and Glenda had made none, one thing led to another and a few days later they had secured a volunteer position at Lake Shelbyville, they will be helping at the visitor center and staying where we stayed last summer.  

Anyway, while I was laid up Dave hiked all the trails at Cave Creek Regional Park since we are so familiar with the area I was pretty sure he could manage without hiking companion there.
Go John Trail

Clay Mine Trail

Wildflowers have started blooming.

The birds kept Dave entertained

Two weeks later we headed north to Page AZ, 262 miles later we pulled into the Page Lake Powell Campground. Soon our friends Curt and Glenda pulled into the site next to us, our adventures were about to continue with them. We scouted out the BLM Lone Rock boondocking area, not to crowded and figured out some areas to choose when we came down the next day. Dinner out that evening at a local restaurant, turning out to be the last one we’ll eat out at for a while.
The next day we moved to Lone Rock and scored an awesome site right on the shore across from Lone Rock. Because of all that is going on in the world, there are few folks here.

We’ve all enjoyed some hikes together and Dave, Curt, and Glenda went on a hike I knew I wasn’t ready for. We’ve taken some car rides to some beautiful places and enjoyed some outstanding views. A couple of cold rainy days were passed with reading, cards and keeping up with current events.
We’ve managed to get ourselves as stocked up as we can in a small space, like others we’ll still need to make milk and bread run once in a while, we’ll check for other things but nothing is in dire need.
Scenic ride to Alstrom Point.

Dave, Curt and Glenda hiked Wirepass, I had previously done this hike so stayed home so I wouldn't hold them back. Below are first Dave and Curt's Facebook posts about the day. 
Dave: Love hiking them slot canyons. Took Curt and Glenda Lowry to Wire pass to experience a beautiful slot canyon and exercise their canyoneering skills. While scaling over a waterfall I strategically slipped and landed on a couple of fellow hikers, don't worry I'm fine, then processed in helping Glenda and Curt down. We bravely continued down the canyon to reach our unknown quest which we found out was a Geocache. Both Curt and Glenda, being adventurous as they are, try to scale a sandstone wall to get around the waterfall, it didn't go well. It wasn't long before I started hearing cries for help from Glenda as she clung to the side of the sandstone wall. Curt also was making funny noises as he too was starting to slide down the same sandstone wall. I had two choices, start recording the action for all to see or go help them. Sorry but I have no video but I do have scrapes and burses to prove it.

Curt: Well today Dave wanted to take us to a slot canyon he and Faye had done before. We started from the parking lot and made our way through a wash to the start of the slot.....then we saw it a 10 foot drop to get down to continue through the canyon. Dave said.... I'll go first and then help you down. He proceeded to dive off the 10 foot drop. Fortunately there were two young folks at the bottom to help him onto his feet.Thanks to Dave he took one for the team. 
These are the pictures Curt sent me on their way home, so thankful he wasn't hurt more.

Horseshoe Bend

Hanging Garden Trail

Lee's Ferry

Amazing sunsets

We've had a fun time wandering around with Curt and Glenda this spring, made some great memories and hope we can continue the fun this summer.

We are cutting our travels with Curt and Glenda short by nights, tomorrow we head to Gulf Waters in Port Aransas TX, should be there in 3 days, and we'll hunker down there until at least the end of April when we hope we can get into Lake Shelbyville. 

Until next time…