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Friday, March 8, 2013

2011 One decision made

In early 2011 while we hadn’t decided what we would be doing after Dave reached the magical age of 55 (2015) we did know we wanted to be out of here, somewhere warm and with lots of sun. Dave started with IBM in 1981 as a manufacturing operator and through the years went to school on IBM’s dime and is now a SR Maintenance Tech, give him a machine and while he may not know how to run it he can fix it make it work (he’s laundry challenged) so he’s a very handy man to have around.

Our home in VT is our third but the one we have spent the longest in, we moved here in 1993 courtesy of IBM. We bought a small ranch with expansion potential. In 1997 we started our home renovation doing the majority of the work ourselves. Over the following years we finished the addition, my folks settled across the street from us in 1999 when Dad retired. Our home was a hang out place for our son Tom and his friends never knew who we were going to find sleeping downstairs. By the mid 2000’s the winter were getting longer and we dreamed of a day we could leave VT behind. By the late 2000’s we had spent time in almost every state in the US. The summer of 2011 we put our home on the market trying to sell it ourselves with a minimal of advertisement to no avail. In the fall before leaving on a 6 week 14,000 mile road trip we hired a real estate agent. 
1988 Fishkill NY our 1st home
1992 Pawling Lake, NY our 2nd house

1993 Huntington, VT our 3rd home

2011 Huntington, VT for sale

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