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Friday, March 8, 2013

A quilt

2010 Deb, Jim & Les
Some of our best friends since we moved to VT are Deb and Les, we met through their son Jim, . Over the years our families have become intertwined, we have made memories to last a lifetime. Deb wants to make us a quilt to remember her by, like we could forget them, what great friends they have been and what wonderful times we’ve had bringing up our boys. We’ve celebrated and mourned together for many years, they are our family. I know the effort and time it takes to make these quilts, she does them to raise money for her Relay for Life team every year. It means the world to me she wants to make something so special for us. I'm looking forward to our search for the right colors, think we'll have to pop into the RV tomorrow to look at it's colors again before we head out shopping.
So Deb if you think that we could forget all of the camping trips, vacations (even though we both lost the DC pics I know we went-I think), evenings spent hanging out playing cards or dominoes, we've done so much over the last 18+ years how can we forget such an important part of our life. Just wait till you get to your next place, we'll find a nearby campground for a visit.

Deb has collected prints from my brothers gallery, he's a photographer in CO, he's done a lot of the national parks, you can see his prints at Rocky Mountain Reflections I of course also have some of his prints, well there isn't enough room in the RV for them all so we asked Deb to pick out the ones she liked, when we sell the house those prints will find a new home with her.
Until next time...

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