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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Oil and Snoop

Woke up this morning to a chill in the house, yesterday Dave mentioned he should check the oil tanks, we'll he didn't, not that it would have made a difference if he had checked since it was so late in the day when we had this conversation. Now awaiting a phone call from the on call delivery guy and we'll get to pay a special fee to have him deliver today, hope this house sells soon.

Yesterday we decided to help a friend out, we are dog sitting her daughters Chihuahua, Snoop. At heart we are large dog people, our last four footed kids were Rottweiler mixes, Strider was the smallest at 115 pounds and his brother G.O. was 125 pounds, we lost Strider to bone cancer in 2010 and G.O. we lost in 2011 to Grand Mal seizures. We decided at the time to not get another dog, last year camping we enjoyed all the dogs we came across, we were actually asked to adopt a puppy at one of the campgrounds we were at. So we are test driving having a small dog around, so far so good.

At 8:30 the oil man came, Dave paid the "here's your sign" fee of $100, we took on 200 gallons ($738) and the house started warming up. But there is a motor thingy that has finally bitten the dust, so the furnace kept shutting off. We were having our close friends over for dinner so while Mike gave Dave a hand getting things set up for the night, Les and Deb met Snoop, Carol could report to her sister Snoop was doing fine. We did get in another fun evening playing mexican train and enjoying everyone's company. Deb showed me the progress on the quilt, all I can say is Wow, it sure will look beautiful in the RV.

Until next time...

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