Life's Journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, totally worn out, shouting "Wow...What a Ride!"

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Short Visit to Buccaneer State Park

February 10-13, 2019

After 190 miles of bumpy riding, we landed at Buccaneer State Park in Waveland MS. We had site 81 which is the same site we had when traveling with our friends Curt & Glenda a few years ago. Since this site was an easy back in I decided to give it a go. With a lot of help from Dave, I managed to get us in with no damage to anyone or anything.

This is our 3rd visit and we didn’t do much. Our days were made up of walking and vegging, though we didn’t spend much time sitting outside. The biting bugs here are notorious, we were fine when walking but if we stopped to talk they attacked, so 4 nights there was just enough. One of those small moments happened while we were walking one morning, a lady said Port Aransas to us. I figured that she must have seen us around Gulf Waters in TX, she then mentioned our Australian friends Ron & Rose, I then knew exactly who she was. Celia along with Ron & Rose had been parked next to us 2 years ago. You just never know who you are going to run into at a campground. 

We did find a place to get some fresh fish and frozen Royal Reds at a Kimball’s Seafood in Pass Christian. Royal Reds $8.5/pd, fresh TX shrimp $5.50/pd.
We also got a quick visit with our friend Deb who arrived on our last day here. She arrived in time to enjoy a few crawfish with Dave. This may be his last fix for a few years so got them while he could.

Our main reason for coming is so Dave could get his oyster fix at 200 North Beach in Bay St Louis about 4 miles down the road from us.

one happy man

Our next stop is a week at Meaher State Park in Spanish Fort AL, just outside of Mobile, we’ll be there for a week and doing some of the touristy things as we’ve never spent any time in this area. 
Until next time...

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Louisiana: It's All About The Mudbugs

February 7-9, 2019

Our travel day Thursday got off to a rocky start. While pulling in the bedroom slide it stopped partially in. Perplexed, knowing Dave had disconnected shore power, which shouldn’t make a difference, we knew we had to figure this out before heading on. Our auto level system would not power up either. We (Dave) then started troubleshooting our electrical system which much of it is in the front storage compartment. Meanwhile I searched through some of our Grand Design Facebook groups, we were almost certain it was a blown fuse somewhere, but why would we have blown a fuse? Finding a loose battery connection, answered the question of why and finally finding a replacing the 10amp fuse restored our auto level system and we were good to go.

On a sadder note earlier that morning I had read about the death of a blogger’s husband, Sherry of In the Direction of Our Dreams had posted about David’s passing. He fought a courageous battle with cancer, never stopped smiling and he lived life to the fullest. Sherry’s blog laid the groundwork for some of my choices of FL state parks, I will miss reading her posts and offer up my condolences and prayers in this devastating trying time. David’s passing just reiterates why we started following our dream as early as we could.

While we were an hour later getting off the rest of our traveling that day were uneventful. After a bouncy ride on LA roads, 190 miles and 3.5 hours later we were pulling into Poche’s RV Park and Fish N Camp. We’ve been here before and this visit was all about the crawfish, Dave needed his fix. 
Site 64, only bad thing is the light at night


So of course Dave had to have crawfish for his first dinner here, Cajun Claws was recommended but he can’t recommend them. They were way too salty, so much so that he couldn’t enjoy the head fat he usually does.

Too salty :( 

Friday was a cold windy day, but we braved it to get out to walk around the pond before we headed out for some groceries. While at the grocery store we received news that our friend from TX battling stomach cancer had found out it’s Stage 4, inoperable. Needless to say that has put us into a funk and trying to figure out what we could do to help, unfortunately going back isn’t an option so we’ll have to be a sounding board support for them whenever they need it. The day ended on a good note with a great hour long phone call with friends from our days in VT, can't wait to see them in OBX.

Saturday we headed to a local farmers market, do you know there’s not much there you can buy when you are on a low carb diet. Tried baking some cookies and brownies with Stevia, couldn’t stand the taste so I’ll just wait till we go back to a regular diet to enjoy sweets again. Here at Poche’s there are several ponds with walking around them, a couple of different walks around them and we’ve got our steps in for the day. We ended the day with Dave trying a different crawfish boiler, The Seafood Boiler was a great find, he certainly enjoyed his crawfish this time.

To end the day we enjoyed a phone call with our son David whose birthday it was. Happy Birthday David!!!
We are off to Buccaneer State Park in Waveland MS in the morning, another repeat park for us.

Until next time…

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Martin Dies Jr State Park-Our Last Texas Stop

February 4-6, 2019

 On the road Monday by 9 am for our uneventful 2.5-hour ride on mainly 2 lane highways. Our destination Marin Dies Jr State Park. Our reservation was in the Walnut Ridge section but the Headquarters were across the street in the Hen House section. After driving through Walnut Ridge and figuring out what sites might work for us we headed over to the Headquarters to check on site 228’s availability. We did take a ride thru the 30amp Hen House campground, sites weren’t big enough for our 40’ 5th wheel. So site 228 it was, level site with great (portable) satellite access and right on the water. The only drawback is the road noise over the lake.

After settling in we took a walk around the campground and helped find a camp host’s lost dog. A nice fire ended our day.

 Tuesday and Wednesday were spent chilling around the campground, getting walks in and trying to learn how to eat low carb.

Of course, I had to find a geocache or two.

 It’s been a nice relaxing stay, the temps have been great and aside from the road noise, our site was great. Will we be back here, not sure as there are some COE campgrounds nearby to check out.

Thursday we’re off to Poche’s RV Park in Breaux Bridge, time for Dave to figure out what is low carb in Cajun Country.
Until next time... 

Monday, February 4, 2019

Houston Family Time

February 1-3, 2019
On Friday morning we were on the move again. Our destination Spring Creek Park in Tomball TX. A circuitous route to avoid the TX toll roads and 193 miles later we arrived for our second stay here. Spring Creek Park is a city park with 8 FHU sites that can be reserved 3 months in advance. You cannot come in without a reservation, you have to call or email them. The Harris County Precinct runs the place, gates into the park are shut from 10pm to 7am. And for the price of free, you can’t beat it. They do have stay limits and the weekends usually include boy/cub scouts camping across the street. There are trails and disc golf on the grounds. For us, it’s convenient to visits with Dave’s uncle and aunt.  

site 4
After arriving and settling in we headed over to see Uncle Ray and Aunt Beth. Our last visit here was in November 2016 so we had lots of catching up.

Yes they do have a Christmas tree or two still up
Dinner that evening was at our all-time favorite Mexican Restaurant Don Ramons. Of course, I was too busy enjoying the good food to take any pictures. 

Saturday morning we headed into the Tomball Farmers, a small venue but mainly made up of food vendors. Scored some great stuff in prep for us trying the Keto Diet when we leave here. 
After getting home we took a walk around the park, found a geocache and got a lot of our steps in.

Afterward, we headed into town to see the family and head over to Old Town Spring where we spent the afternoon wandering around the shops. We stumbled upon a store that was liquidating its inventory, everything was 75% off. I scored a new purse that was $5 and Aunt Beth scored some great items if we still were in a house I know a few more things would have come home with me.

For those who have met us and know Dave, can you imagine being with two of him? Dave’s Uncle Ray has the same sense of humor so pity the poor store clerks and random strangers who had the experience of meeting them together. Aunt Beth and I just sat back and watched them in action, what a fun day it was.
Lots of "trash" talk going on with these two

Sunday we headed over to Uncle Ray’s house. We spent time talking traveling and showing them pictures of places we’ve been that may interest them in future explorations. By the time we were done, they were on information overload. Midafternoon we headed across the street to their friends' house where we enjoyed meeting their friends, shared a meal with them and watched the first half of the Super Bowl. At half time we bid Uncle Ray and Aunt Beth a tearful farewell and headed home, where we finished watching the commercials game.

In the morning we head to our last Texas State Park, Martin Dies Jr SP, for a few nights.

Until next time…

Friday, February 1, 2019

Off To Brazos Bend

January 29-January 31, 2019

Tuesday was cold and windy, no one came to sit out and watch us get ready, they just came over for quick goodbyes before and after we were hooked up. Sad to go but nice to be traveling again. A blustery windy 4 hour 195 mile drive found us pulling into one of our favorite Texas state parks. This is our 3rd visit to Brazos Bend State Park and I know we’ll be back for more. We once again had site 115 and soon were set up and ready to explore.

We never took our bikes off the back rack while on the coast, they’d just rust way too much so we kept them covered for the last 3+ months. After setting up we got them off and took a 6+ mile bike ride on some of our favorite hiking/biking trails. Weather was cool so we only saw two gators but there are a lot more birds here this time of year.

Wednesday we decided to get some walking in, added a few new trails and ended up walking about 9 miles. 

Found 4 geocaches along the way, there’s still a bunch here in the park to find. 

We saw evidence of how high the water got after Hurricane Harvey came through. Probably the reason most of the roads and pads in the park have been recently paved. You can see the water level on trees.

We’ve really enjoyed our stay here and I know we’ll return again.

Thursday we got a short bike ride in before the rains came. The rest of the day was a down day, playing on the computer, reading and watching TV was the theme of the day. 
For those who like the Texas state parks, their reservation system has changed. You can now make site specific reservations. Also, if you have the TX State Park Pass, you now get unlimited ½ price 2nd nights on every stay, a very nice surprise. The pass covers the daily admission charge also, for $70/year well worth it if you plan on staying a few times at their state parks.

Next stop Spring Creek Park in Tomball TX.

Until next time...