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Thursday, March 14, 2013

All done packing for now, almost

Today I finished boxing all the stuff that was ready to be packed up, moved it all to the garage where we are storing all of our go to storage stuff. In the garage awaiting their move to a storage unit we have so far 13 med, 10 small, 10 book, 2 picture, 2 stemware and 1 wedding box, a total of 38 boxes, not bad considering how much was in this house a few years ago, and it was all just stuff. The things awaiting garage sale day and the stuff already gone has not been missed. Why did we have so much stuff.

Last night I met my good friend and former co worker Angela for dinner, what a great time we had. It was great catching up on our families and lives. Just as I figured she was very supportive and a little in awe of our decision to fulltime and asked lots of questions. She recently attended the Champlain Valley RV Show, we discussed what she saw and I tried to share what little knowledge I've gained in the last year. We made plans to try and get together with the husbands soon, maybe they will make it to Maplewoods for a visit.

We ordered Dave a toolbox for the truck, Brute Commercial Fifth Wheel Tailgate Tool Box. Since we will be in the RV at least 7 months this year he wants to have his tools with him, can't say as I blame him. We still have to figure out if we are going to keep the tailgate and tonneau cover on.

I'm feeling good about what has been accomplished in the last month or so. We are much more ready for D day whenever that gets here, since we still have to live here we do have furniture and such still around in some rooms, but don't look in the cabinets and such they're pretty empty.  We have a few more places to go through but they all require Dave's participation, since it is his weekend off we plan to tackle the laundry/furnace room and garage, after that it's the shed and shop. Come on buyers we're ready to move.

I was looking back over our bank statements from last year, on 3/21/12 we put down the deposit for the Mountaineer. What a difference a year makes, can't wait to see where this journey takes us!

Until next time...

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