Life's Journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, totally worn out, shouting "Wow...What a Ride!"

Thursday, October 28, 2021

TX Gulf Coast Bound & Quest Accomplished

 October 19-22, 2021


We found ourselves pulling out of Cheyenne Mountain State Park about 8:45am, 177 miles later we were pulling into Capulin RV Park. 

We had a quest to accomplish while in Capulin NM. Over the years we have tried, unsuccessfully, 3 prior times to drive up Capulin Volcano. In 2010 we tried to go but a March snowstorm put an end to that try. 

March 2010
In 2011 we tried again but some group was gathering at the volcano and it was shut to the public. In 2019 we tried once again, but the road had washed out just a few days before. We did some hiking while there but knew we’d be back to try again to drive to the top of the volcano.
The day before we left we checked the National Park website to see if there were any closures, all looked good for our visit. After getting the house unhooked we headed to the national monument. There is a section of the road which is one lane, don’t know if this is still leftover from the washout a few years ago. Dave took the hike around the top, I have done this many years ago so opted out this year, with the wind blowing, my vertigo and just not feeling up to it-the super cold is still affecting me a bit.

The next day we once again were up and on the road, Lubbock TX was our next destination. Our uneventful 303-mile ride found us at Lubbock RV Park on the north side of Lubbock. Nice park, easy on and off of the interstate, open sky for easy satellite dish reception, and a nice dinner out at Triple J Chophouse and Brew Co. While Dave didn’t like many of the beers he tried, one was the worst beer he ever had, our dinner was delicious.

Another day of driving found us in Kerrville TX, 348 miles and we were at Buckhorn Lake Resort, a very nice park right off the interstate. Fuel and a Walmart nearby, all we needed for that evening.

Up very early in the morning, but not early enough to miss some of the crazy San Antonio traffic. 261 miles found us pulling into Gulf Waters Beachfront Resort, our piece of paradise. We’re here until we head towards Carrollton TX where we’ll once again be selling Christmas trees for Trow Tree Farm.

Until then we’ll be working on our lot, doing some landscaping after last February’s deep freeze. Thankfully our oleanders have made it so it won’t be as much work as it could have been. 
Oleanders looking good

Only Pygmy Date palm in the resort to survive

Of course, we weren’t here but a couple of hours and Dave was headed to the beach, the fish were calling.

Until next time...

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Had A Blast in Colorado Springs

October 5-18, 2021

Our 165-mile ride to Colorado Springs went off without an issue. We took 470, a toll road, around Denver then got on CO 83 all the way down to the north side of COS. Thanks, Steve and Cathy for the tip about this route, so much less stressful. Then less than 20 miles on I25 through COS and we arrived at Cheyenne Mountain State Park. Our first night was in site 2.

The next morning we moved to site 9, across the street and with awesome views of the city. Both sites are FHU as are all of the RV sites in the campground. Being so close to the city our Verizon signal is great and in our area no problem getting a satellite signal. We took a good look around the campground this time, we still think site 9 is the best. Though if winds bother you, you'd best look at the Meadows area. While here we had freezing nights and red flag days, we experienced 60 mph gusts.

Night time view from site 9

Morning view from site 9

Thankfully Dave and I continued to get better and were able to enjoy our time in Colorado Springs.

Our friends Steve and Cathy came down for a day of catching up and card playing, always fun and lots of laughs with them. 

Cheyenne Mountain State Park has many trails, some of which can be accessed from the campground. We enjoyed walking a few of the shorter (~3.5 miles) trails.

small rock tree

medium rock tree

large rock tree

Of course, there’s always a geocache or two to be found.

One morning we took a scenic ride to and up the east side of Weston Pass.

We spent time with our son Tom, his girlfriend Kanik, and our granddog Alvin.

Alvin got his nails done for the occasion 

We even took a paint pouring class at Painting With A Twist where Kanik works.

Across the street from CMSP is Fort Carson, an army base where they had a few tanks Dave could look at. Of course, there was a geocache there but I managed to find it by myself while Dave was looking around. If you're up at 6:30am reveille is played, at 4:55pm and 5:00pm I believe retreat is played. You can hear it from the sites here in the campground. 

Our great friends Curt and Glenda were getting bored with the scenery at their home in Eloy AZ so took a ride to Colorado Springs. We spent 3 days with them playing tourist and the boys enjoyed a few tastings. I can't say how much this visit meant to us, love you two, see you in December.

A trip to Bishop’s Castle is always in store, we saw some great fall colors on the way there. 

A stop into Garden of the Gods was a great place to get some walking in. 


logging our geocache

Then the creative side in Curt came out!!

The Wandering Camels
under The Kissing Camels

Of course, there was beer involved with our stay in Colorado Springs, before during, and after our visit from Curt and Glenda. 

Beast and Brews had 80+ beers on tap, along
with wines, ciders, and sodas. Great way to try new 
beers and some great food too. 

One last fire at our beautiful site. 

Beautiful sunrise

The reason for coming to COS!!!

In the morning we start our 4-day, 3-night trek down to the Gulf Coast.
Until next time...