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Friday, March 8, 2013

Gym Day

And then there is my other friends, Mike and Carol. We met Mike when his son Michael became friends of our son Tom in the 2nd grade. Mike helped us put in our heating system back in 1997 when we made a major renovation to our home. When we play spades with them I follow Mike, while he ponders his next move I watch him, trying to psyche him out, depends on how much Switchback he's had how well my efforts pay off.  By the time the evening is done our sides are usually hurting so much from laughing. Of our immediate friends Carol is the only native Vermonter in the group, the rest of us are from NY or Jersey. Dave loves to tease her when she starts speaking french.   Last summer we they came and visited us at one of our campgrounds stays, they spent the night in a tent. Recently after gym one morning we headed to the RV Show, we found a few travel trailers she liked.Who knows what may be in their future, a travel trailer?

2010 McDonald Family

Carol and I have recently become some what not working (that will end for me when the weather gets warmer) and have started going to the gym together. In 2010 Dave and I together lost 120 pounds, well of course over the last few years a few of those pounds miraculously found there way back. So now Carol and I go 3 times a week to Planet Fitness, and slowly my body is responding. The gym is located in the town where I used to be Branch Supervisor for a large bank, at the gym are a few a my former bank clients, it has been great to catch up with them and when telling them of my future workamping plans I receive some very positive feedback as far as customer service skills and how much different things are where I once was. After Carol and I do our gym thing one or the other of us usually has a stop they need to make, of course we always get ourselves into some kind of trouble. Today after gym we exchanged trucks with Dave, we took the big truck to get inspected. Who knew it would take all 3 of us to inspect the truck. Carol and I had to help the mechanic figure out how to change the odometer display, then had to help him with the lights, good thing he is a friend though I do think we should have gotten a discount. We'll see what Monday has in store for us.

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