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Friday, March 8, 2013

1st blog day

Today I started the blog, since we started doing long road trips friends and family have followed along, we had used Facebook to do our trips so far. Since my folks don't do Facebook and I want a better way to record our journey, a way for our family and friends to follow along thus the blog was born. Today to practice I blogged  some of the random thoughts I've been having since we made this decision. I have to figure out the different aspects of blogger before I let anyone know I've started the blog so for now I will keep this private but soon I will have some friends take a look and see what they say.

The title of the blog actually came from our son Tom's friend. We ran into Nick at the credit union shortly after getting the RV,  he lives in the same town so passes our home often. He had seen the RV in the driveway, he said it looked like we were ready to go on tour, well we are ready to go on a long tour, to see this beautiful country, to get reacquainted with old friends and to make new ones. I've lurked on lots of blogs for the last year, the underlying theme in the RV lifestyle is one of simplifying and slowing down, time to smell the roses.

Over the last year I have lurked on numerous blogs, never taking the plunge as a follower, that will soon change. I have learned there is a great community of folks out there to draw inspiration and knowledge from, has been a fountain of knowledge. They have not only shared the good but they have also shared the emotional, their finances (really helpful in determining what to budget for) and the bad, through it all they have never wavered in the rightness of their decision to leave behind the conventional lifestyle. Check out their website if the lifestyle at all interest you. I have gone back a read many blogs, following many on their journey from home owners to fulltimers, it helps to find hope in others stories.

Until next time...

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