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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Page AZ: Hikes, a Scenic Ride, Boondocking with Great Friends

March 26-April 3, 2018

Our trip to Page wasn't quite uneventful but we did make it there safely. On the first big climb going north on I17 out of Phoenix our diesel over revved and threw a code with the message light quickly flashing limited power. We pulled off at the next rest area, turned the truck off and back on, indicator light was still on but we had all of our power. As we were heading up US 89 to Page our bedroom slide crept out a bit. After a call to Lippert and Dave's trouble shooting we believe a slide motor is the problem, we'll keep an eye on the slide when we travel to Durango next week.

We scored a great site, C10, at Wahweap Campground on Lake Powell. After getting set up we headed over to friends Steve and MonaLiza's site for a happy hour dinner, our friends Ingrid and Al were also there. A great evening of catching up and making plans for the next day.

The next morning we were up and going, searching for where to get our permits to hike Waterhole Canyon Trail. The trail is on Navajo Tribal land so permits are required, $12/person and well worth the cost. We reached the trail head by 9am, with one other car in the parking lot we knew we'd have the trail to ourselves for awhile. We were soon down in the canyon where we had an amazing hike with great friends. If you are in the Page area this is most definitely worth the cost, slots and ladders made this 2.8 round trip hike one of our favorites ever.    

The Crazy 6 Tribe
Between the scenery and the company of great friends we had a wonderful time. MonaLiza and Ingrid have blogged about this hike already, they are gifted writers and photographers, check out what Ingrid had to say, or what MonaLiza wrote about the day.

As I've said before I walk/hike so I can enjoy good food. Our hike was followed by a dinner of fried shrimp and fish, the last of our fish from our TX visit in October, lumpia and pancit, courtesy of Steve and MonaLiza, champagne, ginger ale and strawberries made by Ingrid for the girls and marinated mushrooms and a carrot salad courtesy of Sue and Dave. Of course I can't find a picture of the meal but needless to say none of us went home hungry. We said goodbye to Steve and MonaLiza as we won't see them again till this fall when they are in Durango CO checking out the fall colors. 

The next day we moved down the road to Lone Rock on Lake Powell, this is part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and is strictly boondocking. Ingrid and Al have been here for a bit, we settled in near them. Of course camp maintenance needed to be done, Ingrid and I made sure we had a big enough fire pit. 

We enjoyed some awesome views out our door. We could really get used to boondocking in places like this.

Just in case we couldn't find our way home after the campfires.


We did part of the Paria Caynon Trail which took off from Lonely Dell Ranch Historic Site both of which are part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. You can read about the history of the area here. Overall a nice hike in a wide canyon, a great way to get some more steps in.

Lonely Dell Historic Area

If you come here during harvest
you're welcome to take fruit with you

Bucktank Draw and Birthday Arch Hike

A decent enough hike, we didn't see anyone for at least an hour and then as we were going out we passed a few couples on the way in. This trail is up a sandy wash, hiking is in loose sand so slow going, at least you're going downhill on the way out.
Our only two wildlife sightings that day

Slot canyon all of 50' long
One day it'll be a great one to hike. 

End of the trail, legs aren't long enough to get
around that pour off. 

Wiregrass Canyon Trail

Wiregrass Canyon Trail will eventually lead to Lake Powell, that meant we were hiking down first and up last. Thankfully a hard packed trail with only a short sandy area near the end. After the sandy area we soon realized we were walking on what at times is river bottom, soon it became apparent that water had recently been in the canyon as the trail turned to quagmire.

Soon after this turned to quagmire and we turned around

Hanging Gardens

Near the Glen Canyon Dam is the Hanging Gardens Trail where you can explore to your hearts contentment. Why Dave didn't bring his camera I don't know, he was really bummed when he saw the lizard but thankfully Ingrid got a few shots of it for Dave.

Alstrom Point

Ingrid asked us if we were up for a ride to one of the most photogenic spots on Lake Powell, she has her little red truck that can go lots of places our wide hipped big Chevy can't.  We packed lunches and took off for the day. Alstrom Point is located in the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, has no beach access to Lake Powell, if you wanted to rough it and tent camp at the point you can. The drive there afforded us with spectacular views. 

See the little square on the beach.
It's really a houseboat


The best lunch spot ever

You can read about Ingrid's write up on our day here. Thanks again for doing all the driving Ingrid, we certainly had a day for the memory bank.

We thoroughly enjoyed boondocking at Lone Rock on Lake Powell, thanks Ingrid and Al for inviting us to join you. We made some great memories and look forward to more boondocking in our future. We learned a lot too, on how long our tanks can last, that we don't need to shower everyday, between our generators and one solar panel we had all the power we needed. All in all a successful boondocking experience. 

That wraps up our time in Page AZ, with slide issues we decided to head straight to Durango CO.

Until next time...