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Friday, March 8, 2013


We have been very fortunate in our life to have made some very good friends, the ones you know you can call on for anything. For much of our life we’ve lived away from family so while living here in VT we have made our own family from some very good friends. We’ve raised our kids’ together, done trips with each other, had fondue parties, we’ve spent many a night playing spades or Mexican train.

Most of us are transplants so we spend holidays and family celebrations together, it thanks to our kids we all met. We will miss these dear friends so very much but hope as they all get out of the rat race we can make plans to get together somewhere or two, I know some will be leaving VT also but others will remain, who knows maybe we can convince some of them to RV with us one day.

One of the things we look forward to is catching up with friends from our past. When we lived in NY we were part of a large group of friends and some, like us, have moved away to other parts of the country. With Facebook we have reconnected with some of them and hope to see them before too long. So now we need to find a place to moochdock in NY so we can spend time visiting friends and family there. We are from the Fishkill area of NY  which has no nearby campgrounds, or at least any that get good reviews, it will take a bit of planning when we head there with our house on wheels.

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