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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Carbon monoxide poisoning

It's the last day of winter and of course we are getting a snow storm, we'll see how much it brings. Can't wait to be done with snow and cold, if we have our way we'd never spend another winter in it.

Monday after gym got my $ for the bottles, was good to see Nate & Josh Cookson were still working there, they're from our neighborhood and we've watched them grow up, just don't get to see them much anymore. After a stop at U-Haul Carol and I headed to lunch at Applebee's talking and laughing the time away. After few more stops we headed home where we found Dave home from work early, seems he may have a bit of carbon monoxide poisoning. He thinks on Sunday he may have inhaled a bit of fumes and they'll just have to work themselves out of his system, he ended up taking Tuesday off, he has to be back on Friday so will have a few days more to recover. I had  carbon monoxide poisoning once while working at the bank, seems we all did, shut the branch down for a few days, so we do know it'll take a bit to get out of his system.

Took stock of my packing supplies, U-Haul will buy back any unused boxes, since I'm just about done and I still need one box (didn't get one long enough for two things when I was there yesterday) I will plan to go back the next time I go to the gym. I'm keeping a few medium boxes and I still have some picture\mirror boxes for the last of the things when we sell the house. So for now I have 1 box to pack and some straightening up, as soon as Dave gets the furnace fixed we'll get the house back on the market.

Until next time....

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