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Saturday, March 9, 2013


Today in 1980 Dave started his career at IBM as a manufacturing operator, 32 years later he's still there. Over the years he has seen many changes, so now he is ready to get out. We are targeting June 17, 2015 as his retirement date, he will then be eligible for a small health care package that should cover us for 3-4 years. He fixes the tools (machines) that make the computer chips, he has always worked on the line. When we first started dating he worked nights and weekends, of course we were much younger and could survive on much less sleep. In 1987 he went to days and no weekends but that changed once we moved to VT in 1993. In VT he started back on nights but instead of 8 hour nights they were 12 hour shifts, 3-4 days in a row, a few years later he transferred to days, he has a two week schedule which means he works every other weekend. So thank you dear for having provided so well for us over the years, you've made it possible for me to be the stay at home mom I so enjoyed and to be able to work when and at what I want with out worrying if I was making enough money. Happy anniversary honey, not too many more to go.

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