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Friday, March 8, 2013

Are We Crazy

There's the ones who understand why you want to live this nomadic traveling life and then there are the ones who don't. They wonder how you can live in such a small space, have no "real" home, move away from everyone and pose all the what about and what if questions. Those questions will always be there in one form of another, it's how we choose to live our lives in response to the questions.
So far nothing has been posed to us that we haven't already thought about and researched.

Over the last year I have read and learned so much from so many different blogs and forums that I think we have most things figured out or at least discussed to some extent. As far as the size of our home, our sticks and bricks house is over 3000 sq ft, we only use the kitchen, office and bedroom, we have that all covered in the RV and we don't have all the maintenance and upkeep that comes with a conventional home. So yes 300 sq ft will do nicely and it is as real of a home as any with the added bonus of wheels so if we find we don't like where we are we have the ability to change our location on a whim, driven only by what ever constraints we put on ourselves.. Of course we know we will have maintenance and upkeep on the RV but it should be so much less than our sticks and brick home and no yard work. 

As for moving away from everyone, well our boys have headed west already, we have family and friends all over the country, some we haven't seen in 20 years but we're hoping our travels will let us reconnect with many of them.

My brother has been after us for years to chuck it all and move west, after our first trip to CO we were hooked on the west. Over the years when we get together he was always asking what we were waiting for. He was one of the first ones we called when we made our decision. He now has a sailboat moored in Corpus Christi, can't wait till we can meet up there.

So are we crazy, yes but then those who know us aren't surprised. Do we have all the answers, no but then when have we, we'll figure it out. Do we want to live life by our own rules, yes we're tired of others having control over the roads we travel.

Until next time...

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