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Friday, March 8, 2013

Friends since forever

Rene and I met toward the end of 9th grade, we had almost every class together in 10th grade, what a year we had. We've gone through a lot and have kept the friendship alive all these years, I am so fortunate to still call her my sister of the heart and one of my best friends. There are so many memories with her, my recent scanning brought back so many of them, parties (volleyball & fondue to name a few), bowling together for over 15 years, all of her visits to VT and our concerts and so much more, from my teenage years to today she has been a special part of it, the sister I never had. After all her parents were my other parents, her dad and our son David share a birthday, always easy to remember to call him. Now if I could just get a better clue for her mother's birth date writing it down would probably help. When she ever reads this she'll remind me again I'm sure.
1976 Rene & Faye 
2010 Faye & Rene

 Although we haven’t gotten together as much lately as we’d like too when our lifestyle changes maybe we’ll get to spend a little more time in NY  or the west when she heads out to see a grandson and his parents. Sure hope we can get together as planned for a quick visit in April, we usually meet in Lake George, do some window shopping, no buying these days, just some girl time. We haven't had a girl since 2010 and then I needed major shopping after loosing so much weight. 

Until next time...

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