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Saturday, March 9, 2013

This and that

Today Deb and I planned to do some running around. We stopped by the RV, things look okay there, gave Deb a look at what colors are in the bedroom. Then it was off to Best Buy, Deb has decided to scan all of her old photos getting them digitalized before they get bad. After a successful stop we headed to the quilt store to look at fabric. We had decided on a color pallet taking in the southwestern colors, we found 24 different pieces to go together :). I'm sure it will be beautiful when done and will brighten the bedroom up. After a $ucce$$ful stop at Costco we called it a day.

This afternoon I made reservations for two weddings we are attending late summer, one Labor Day weekend (New Haven CT) and one  (Salem MA) the weekend before our 6 week road trip to see the boys. Our previous road trips have been moving from hotel to hotel, early on we joined a few hotel clubs and earned free nights. We still have some free nights to use, when we go to Salem MA we will be staying 2 nights, both free. The weekend we are there is the beginning of Haunted Happenings a month (October) long celebration, we've never been to Salem so are going to head there early Friday so we can spend most of the day taking in the sights. I've also looked into what kind of free nights I can in Lake George NY, Rene and I hope to get together for a night away, it's a great half way point and lots of shopping, window or otherwise.

Played around some more with blogger trying to figure things out, wish some one I knew blogged so I could get some tips.

Until next time...

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