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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Catching up & weather extremes

Not too much going on around here, seems like we are in a holding pattern. Wednesday we spent hanging around the campground. Took a few walks around the park and visited with some of the seasonals. There are three other couples that live here fulltime during the summer. One couple Dick & Pat full-timed for awhile, looking forward to picking their brains over the summer. We've already been told to stop by their home area in GA, our winter plans this year are to stay out west but the following year we plan to do a gulf coast tour.

Thursday we headed back to the house. We had a few appointments to keep there. Our septic was being pumped, oh boy and the buyers wanted to be there. Also coming was the appraiser for the FHA loan they are applying for. For the most part things went well, a few things have to be addressed. We have a deck on part of a flat roof off of the master bedroom. We have our hot tub there and it is a place we spent many an hour relaxing there. We never put up railings, which I kind of thought might come back one day and haunt us but figured we'd address it then. Then is now, hopefully the work around will be a locking bolt on the sliding door. We were under the impression that only the furnace needed to be checked, well no they want to check the whole system which is down now. So when the appraiser comes back to verify what ever the underwriter wants for the deck safety he'll check the heating system. Otherwise things seem to be progressing along nicely. We have a garage sale planned for June 8th so next week we'll be back at the house getting stuff done for that.

Friday was a work day for Dave, I had my errands to run. Tried the laundry in Morriseville, very nice but a bit pricey, $3/wash load & .25 for 6 minutes in the dryer. But it is convenient to my grocery store so until the laundry room here is done I'll be visiting it on grocery day. Stopped by a nursery and got some annuals for the small garden we have here. Got the grocery shopping done, it's getting easier each time to navigate the store, not wandering lost in the store anymore. It was a sunny afternoon so got all the plants in and watered. Sat down in the RV for a bit, ended up turning on the AC. Another typical VT week, starts of with record lows, snow & furnaces running in the RV's and the week ends with record highs and the AC's running. As they say in VT give the weather 5 minutes and it'll change totally. We've experienced 80 degree changes in 24 hours, a low of -40 to 40 above one of the first years we lived here. It had rained Thursday and Dave had lamented about not having  fire so Friday as the temps dropped in the evening I got one started all by myself and the help of some fire starters :). When he got home we had small dinner and sat around the fire and had deserts, s'mores for me and pepperoni on a stick for him.

Saturday was a work day for me but didn't have to be there till noon. There was to be a chili cook off that day at the campground. In the morning I got Dave's chili recipe out and got started on my first time making it alone. Seems like I'm finding my way around this tiny kitchen quite nicely, when cooking or baking it's all in getting stuff prepped and measured out before hand. Guess everyone heard how awesome our chili is because no one else brought any, we ended up having a nice potluck which started just as Dave drove in from a long day at work. The store wasn't too busy, took a few reservations and sold quite a bit of ice cream considering we don't have many folks here.

An evening thunderstorm blew through with some vengeance, today is starting out sunny but predictions for afternoon thunderstorms. Time to get to work.

Until next time...

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