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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The week has started

Sunday was overcast so was a slow day in the store. Took a few reservations, had someone check in for a few weeks but over all a slow day.

Monday after a grocery run Dave and I got to doing our chores. Dave spent the afternoon getting a slide topper put on the bedroom slide. Since his sealing of some seams we've had no more water, the topper will help keep the debris off the top and help if we do have any more leaks in the bedroom slide. Around 1:30 Dave put ribs and a couple of chickens in the smoker. Around 4pm Mike and Carol arrived, Dave had started a fire already so we spent the afternoon talking around the fire though we did take a walk around the campground. After an evening filled with talking and laughing they headed out around 10pm. We do appreciate them coming out and are looking forward to going to their daughters graduation in a few weeks.

Tuesday started off very slow, around 10am we decided we really should head to the house and get some work done toward this weekends garage sale. We got everything moved downstairs the buyers aren't buying. Most of the stuff we had set aside for the sale made it to the garage. The weather isn't suppose to be too good but we don't have a lot of choice left for weekends. Closing is tentatively set for the 28th of June, we are all hoping for a sooner date though. After the sale we will take one load to Goodwill then return on Sunday to finish getting it out of the house. After which there won't be too many reasons to go to the house which will help with the gas bill.

This morning was spent touching base with a few folks, getting the word out about the sale and getting the financials up to date. Now it's time to go put a few hours in at the store.

Until next time...

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