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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tom's day

Today is our son Tom's 24th birthday, Happy Birthday Tom we love you. From the day he was born he has been full of energy, he has brought joy and happiness to our lives. He lives with his girlfriend Krystal in Colorado Springs CO and waits tables for Red Robin, when he's not busy working he enjoys ultimate Frisbee and bowling. After leaving a message on his phone he called me back and we had a great short visit. So far his day is going well and has heard from us and had a conversation with his brother, their first since he moved away in 2011. Our sons are polar opposites and for many years have not gotten along, for a multitude of reasons. When David called for Tom's number this morning I had high hopes for them to connect for a bit. I've kept Tom up to date on the changes in David's life, Tom told me they had a great conversation. I later talked with Dave, Tom had not told him about his talk with David, when Dave heard about that he was amazed, we are so glad they have reconnected if only briefly. What a great day this is becoming.

10-2011 Faye, Tom, Krystal & Dave

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