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Friday, June 14, 2013

Sick Husband - IL Home

Monday Dave headed to work, an hour later I got call from him, the bug that had got him on Sunday was making it difficult to work, by 7:30 he was home and down for the count. I spent the rainy day inside keeping eye on him or reading blogs and doing stuff on the computer. I spent a slow afternoon at the store, got a few reservations but no ice cream sales.

Tuesday was a repeat of Monday I just headed into town to do laundry and get some groceries. Another rainy afternoon spent around home hanging out with a sick husband. I spent the afternoon at the store again and had absolutely no customers.

Wednesday was Dave's day off, we had had a lot planned for the day, he wasn't feeling the best but decided to go for it. I've known Dave for 31 years and never seen his social security card,  I decided he needed a replacement and wanted to get it while still here. During our waiting I overheard the clerk ask for folks social security number, instead of writing it down he had them say it out loud along with their name, birth date and mothers maiden name, not good that info in the wrong hands could cause some real problems for someone. When I went out to feed the parking meter I spoke to the security guard, hopefully he tells someone who can get the problem addressed. After waiting over an hour we finally got to the window, after a short conversation and the clerk wondering why we lived at a shopping center we were on our way 10 minutes later. After observing some of the clientele and the frustrations of people waiting so long we understood why they had an armed security guard there. Our next stop was at DMV and that was a much more pleasant experience.

After a few more stops we headed to the house since we wanted to take advantage of the garage. Dave wanted to change the oil in the Ridgeline and I started the final clean up of upstairs, I actually think I'm all done up there. Next week I'll be back to finish up downstairs and we'll be done for good I hope.

Thursday Dave was still not feeling up to par so we stayed home and took a few short walks around the campground. Dave puttered around outside cleaning the grill and smoker, I spent some time cleaning the inside, by the afternoon we were taking naps.In the afternoon a co worker of Dave's and their wife stopped by for a short visit, Tim and Jenni  help work a family farm, their farm stand is convenient for Dave to stop on the way home from work now. Last summer Tim would bring in sweet corn to work and we enjoyed some over a few campfires, can't wait till it's ready this year.

My folks headed to IL last Saturday to look for a home, Thursday was the day they were to start going out looking at homes. I'm sure in the town they're looking in there isn't too much available since it's a small town, by the afternoon we got a message they had purchased their next home. They should be moving the end of July.

Today I've gone to the grocery store, got caught up on blog writing and made a fruit salad for a graduation party tomorrow. I'll spend the afternoon and early evening at the store, it'll be my first Friday evening and I'm looking forward to being busy, lots of reservations for the weekend and the sun is suppose to shine.

Until next time...

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