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Friday, June 14, 2013

Moving Sale-New Address

Friday we were on the road early, we were heading into town Dave for some OT and me to get ready for the moving sale. As we got near Dave's work a coworker pulled out behind us, Dave got him to pull off and take him into work while I headed directly to the house. After a quick stop at our general store for breakfast and a visit with the owner I got started on the moving sale.

I had decided to put out the sign as I got ready Friday for Saturdays sale, pretty soon I had people stopping. Dave sent someone over from work and by the time I left at 11am for my haircut appointment I had made $250. I haven't had a haircut since September so Heather had her work cut out for her. We've known Heather since she rode the school bus as a senior when our son David was in 1st grade, she lived just up the road from us. She has been styling the whole family since she started out in the industry, Friday was catch up day. Just as we are moving out of Huntington she is moving back in, to her parents house as they move to the house next door. Lots of things for us to catch up on.  My next stop was Staples for a few items, as I walk in who do I see but our best friends Mike & Carol, they had stopped by the house while I was getting ready but we didn't talk about where they were headed. We ended up at Chili's for lunch and had a great impromptu lunch together. Afterwards I made  a few stops, I got our new address set up at the UPS store and then stopped in to say goodbye to the owner of our oil delivery company. Years ago I would call around and find the cheapest oil, for many years I have been using the same company and even got the chance to get to know the owner when I worked at the bank. I picked Dave up just before 3pm and by 4pm we were home.

After a short regrouping we headed over to see one of Dave's coworkers, they and their best friends had come for the weekend. We talked with them for a short while promising to catch up Saturday evening, by 9pm we were in bed.

Saturday we slept in till 5am, by 6am we were on the road for the house, a quick stop at Beaudry's our general store and we had the garage doors open by 7:30. Our other best friends Les & Deb came over with things to sale, they plan to sell their house next spring and move some where warmer. With just a few short breaks we had a steady flow of people coming in until 2pm when we starting shutting down. Mike and Carol also came over to spend the time with us and bring us sustenance. Mike had made a homemade pizza that we all devoured along with some sandwiches Les and Deb brought from Beaudry's we all ate well. Thanks guys we really appreciated it. All totaled we made over $800, not too bad and we're getting $1700 from the buyers for the stuff they want, should pay for the lawyers with some left over.

After dropping off our king bed and dresser to a storage unit for a friend we made it home around 4pm. Boy were we beat, we kept thinking about catching up with our friends and wondering if we really had the energy.
We decided to take a walk around camp and see what was going on, first stop for me was another seasonals while Dave talked to his buddy as he was playing horseshoes. Soon Dave joined the rest of the seasonals around a fire, most of them know we are counting the days till closing so we filled them in on the latest. I ended up with a glass of wine, me who doesn't drink wine but has been thinking I may need to rethink wine drinking, drank a glass of wine. Followed by a Seagram's (flavored beer) strawberry daiquiri, I'm not a beer drinker either and there are just a few mixed drinks that I do drink but like food I am trying to expand my palette.After that I knew I needed to eat before any more drinking was to take place.

After dinner and a short rest we headed back to visit with our friends, before we knew it it was 11pm, way past my bedtime. Seems we must have gotten a second or third wind.

Sunday after a leisurely morning we headed back to the house.  We packed as much as possible into our Honda Ridgeline and headed to Goodwill. There's a bit of furniture, just a bit more that will end up at Goodwill and then need to take all of our old chemicals in for disposal. We'll probably have just a few more trips to the house. :)

Until next time...

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