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Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer begins

Wednesday was a work day for Dave which means we're both up at 4:30, after all these years it's such a habit we can't wait to break. While Dave had to be out the door at 5:30 I eased very slowly into my day. Seems like my days start like many others, reading emails and blogs, checking FB and catching up on financials. Saw Gail had commented on making it to VT and about Maplewoods Campground so decided to come out of the blogging closet and put ourselves out there in blogland. Time to make some more new friends, never can have too many. Thank you Gail for being the first full timer to comment on my blog.  Plans were soon made for dinner on Thursday and a paddle on Friday, food and playing, have I said lately how much I know we'll love this lifestyle.

Since it was a w**k day for Dave it was one for me too, spent my time talking to folks and trimming some of the many hanging petunias we have around the porch. Since the weather is going to be nice for the next few days Dave took Thursday off so When he got home around 7 I had a fire going, hot dogs over the fire and a beer, not a bad way to end a work day.

Thursday was all about friends, old and new. Around 10am after a quick run to the grocery store Dave put a pork butt on the smoker so it could slow cook all day.  Around 11 am my girlfriend Carol and her sister Lisa came out for a visit, have to remember the camera needs to come with me or maybe a different phone :) Dave came back from painting one of the bathrooms in the bath house and grilled some burgers for lunch. I took a walk with the girls around the campground, they left around 2:30 and I headed went to man the store for a few hours. For a Thursday we had nine people checking in, looks like lot of folks wanted to get a jump on the beautiful weather, we have a full campground for the weekend with summer weather forecast for the next week. As my shift wound down wonderful smells were wafting down, dinner was smelling good. Just before 6 I headed home soon after Gail & Rick arrived with the rest of dinner. Pulled pork, roasted potatoes (thanks Gail & Rick) and corn on the cob made for a great meal. We spent the rest of the evening talking and getting to no one another around the fire and planning our float trip on Friday. Sometime after our normal bedtime (9pm) we called it a night, a little TV and reading and soon it was off to bed.

Today is the first day of summer, a day we've celebrated for 29 years. In 1984 we were in a major car accident, thanks to seat belts we're still here today, Dave was out of the hospital in a week but I ended up there for a month. We spent the rest of that summer on disability and finally we both went back to work in the middle of October. After surviving that and not killing each other as we spent the following months recuperating and we celebrated the 1st anniversary of our accident on our honeymoon in Hawaii.

 This morning Dave and I headed out to find a spot on the Lamoille River to put in at, since there was construction going on near the take out point we checked it also, it's 5 miles by car and probably 8 or 9 by river. What we thought would be a short 2 hours turned into a 3 1/2 hour float, but with a beautiful sunshine filled VT day and not much paddling required on mine or Gail's part who could complain.We even had a  covered bridge thrown in, but alas no moose for Gail.

Rick & Gail

Rick & Gail

What a great time we had once again with these very nice folks. I've read from everyone about how nice the RV'ing community is, if Gail and Rick are an example of the folks we'll meet down the road we so have made the right choice in our new lifestyle.

Dave, Faye, Gail & Rick

After dinner Friday evening Dave had to go welcome the new campers and see how many dogs he could find. Once again some coworkers are in the campground and some friends we made here last year, and they all know each other. After making the rounds of campfires we finally called it a night around 11pm.

Saturday we got the house almost wrapped up, there is just one trip left and then the final walk through. We are so tired of going to the house, I'm really ready to be done with it. By the time we got back to the RV there was just time to get ice cream before the clouds opened up. After that it was an easy decision to stay in for the night.

Sunday started out warm and humid, by the time I opened the store at 9 there were kids in the pool, a few reservations were made though if we had openings for July 4th we could have made more. The store stayed steady all day, when the sun was out the pool stayed full, it was the busiest Sunday I've worked yet.Monday starts a long work week for Dave so it was an early night.

Still waiting to hear from the appraiser to schedule the return visit, we did hear from the buyers and our fixes are acceptable just need to be verified. Think that's the last piece of the puzzle before closing, sure wish he'd call. 

Until next time...


  1. Sure hope it all works out for you!

    We made it to NC this afternoon. We are pooped but fine. Will be in touch :)

  2. Thanks for commenting on our blog. (GoneByRV). We are really enjoying our time out here in SD.

    We have enjoyed reading about your journey to fulltiming as well, and understand the anticipation you are feeling. It wasn't that long ago that we were where you are now.

    Small world moment: I (Karen) was born in Beacon and grew up in Hopewell Junction. My parents are from Beacon, and I still have family there. Also, my mom and dad both worked at Texaco Research in Glenham (my mom quit when she was expecting me), and my dad went on to work at IBM East Fishkill. He was transferred to Manassas, VA in 1981, and they are still in VA.

    We look to be about the same age, too! :-) Drop me a line through the email button on our blog!


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