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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rain, Rain and more Rain

Thursday was another rainy day, the tarp over the slide prevented anymore water getting in, during the day the winds kicked up and blew the tarp off the slide and Dave won't be home till 9'sh. Then the rains started again, I brought the bedroom slide back in again.

Early Thursday evening we were under a flash flood watch, the rain kept coming down and Dave didn't take his cell phone to work. He had a 25th anniversary party for a coworker that was being held in Burlington and hoped to be out of there by 7pm. He left Burlington around 7:15 and a long and harrowing ride he got home a little after 9, guess it was an adventure getting home. One section of road was a bit dicey, he had seen a few trucks go through so headed to through a very rough and rocky. Found out the next day the road washed out there.

Friday was once again rainy but we had a mission to accomplish in Huntington. My folks had used part of our garage to store a multitude of boxes which housed the things they had had in the apartment on our house. We needed to move these boxes and the ones I had packed to their garage. During the move my folks got a phone call from their realtor, an full price offer was coming in on the house which had only been listed on Monday. Three wet and rainy hours later Dave and I had accomplished our mission and headed back home. After an ice cream stop we called it a day and put up our feet for the rest of the day. David called, seems he and Laura are having a civil wedding ceremony in August while at a convention in WA. The end summer of 2014 will find us at the Grand Canyon for their "real" wedding. Another night of sleeping with the bedroom slide in.

And again Saturday started off with rain, after a slow start to the morning around 1:30 we headed back to Huntington this time to meet our buyers. After talking with them for a bit we left them there to look through our stuff to see what they wanted. We canceled our dinner plans in Huntington since we didn't know if more flooding was immenent and headed home early. Another night spent with the bedroom slide in, while it isn't too inconvenient it is a pain to climb over the bed every time I get up.

Sunday was overcast but had periods of actual sunshine. I spent the day in the camp store and Dave spent the day puttering around the RV. My day was slow, the only time I had any crowd was during the Sunday party time. by 5:15 I was home. Dave had a successful day in getting the leak stopped, some type of caulk in some seams really helped. We even slept with the slide out and rain coming down.

Monday was a work day for Dave and I puttered around the RV. Bills, inventorying some of our bins and some TV watching made for a relaxing day. A phone call from Tom made the day.

Today was another work day for Dave, I spent my day on a few chores. Cleaning and getting things put back together after getting the RV dried out was first priority. Then planting of our garden was next, it felt so good to play in the dirt again. I haven't planted just for the shear joy of planting in recent years, today it was because I wanted to not because I had to. Our garden is very small but contains flowers, herbs and tomatoes. And of course we have our families of hummingbirds who visit every day rain or shine.

Life is looking good in our part of the world. Things seem to be coming together for us and life will be getting a bit crazier in the next few weeks, then they should settle into a new routine. More time off for Dave, maybe we'll be able to enjoy the summer in VT this year.

Until next time...

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