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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

B'day-New Friends

Monday was Dave's birthday, we are once again the same age, for 6 weeks every year I'm married to a younger man :) Since we've been going so much lately we decided to hang around the campground for the day. I even got out of baking a cake, there was leftover cake from the weekend bbq, good deal. Dave enjoyed hearing from the family and friend

Dave has cut back on OT for the last few rotations, over the last few years he usually worked 16-20 hours OT every other week pulling a seven day work week doing it. It's finally time for him to cut back some and enjoy some real time off. Our responsibilities are getting smaller by the day and as they do Dave's stress levels go down, it is so good to see him just kick back and enjoy the moment.

On one of our walks Monday we met Rick of the Gypsy Turtles blog, I haven't read their blog yet but had heard of the name on other blogs I'd read. We visited with Rick a bit and told him we'd have lots of questions for him and Gail. Dave and Rick had talked enough to know they like local beers so a little while later we started off towards their site with an offer to try some local beers we had, as we headed their way Rick and Gail were heading out on a walk around the campground, well we got as far as our site, sat down and laughed the rest of the afternoon away. I think we'll like this life!!!

Later that evening I decided to let friends on FB know we had a blog and that it was now public. Since we now had friends in the blogging world guess I'll have to stop being a lurker and start to participate. Rick and Gail are on their way to Bar Harbor ME to meet other full time friends, it just so happens I lurk on their blog, guess that will change soon too. Oh boy about to jump into this blogging world-though I think knowing me it will take me a few days to comment. The first step is always the hardest, just got to get that foot to move.

Tuesday arrived early, another ride with Dave into work and out to the house for me. On the way in we once again caught up with a friend, Tim gave Dave a ride the rest of the way in, good thing today we were much closer to work. Tim was in his dune buggy and wearing a winter coat, gloves and hat, meanwhile Dave wasn't quite so prepared in his short sleeves. Sure wish I had a camera, though the guy behind us might not have appreciated it, maybe I should get a smarter phone so I could have a camera.

We both need new phones, Dave's is a flip phone and very simple , just like he likes it. His brother is always after him to text him back, whenever Gary texts Dave Dave then calls him back. Gary will even text Dave instructions on how to text him back, good luck with that Gary. I've been trying to figure out what to get, my girlfriend Carol has all the newer stuff and I can see where it would be an asset in many ways. We have Verizon because of their discount Dave gets through work but looking at their website is confusing, I know a trip to the store is in our near future. Usually going to Verizon isn't any fun, for some reason we're limited to the ones that we can go to and inevitably there is a wait.

I stopped to get breakfast at Beaudrys which included a visit with Pat from our local post office, who I later saw again when I dropped off our address change. Pat has been at the post office for years, my father supplies her with books when he is done reading them, always a pleasure know matter what I brought her and there were some doozies over the years. My folks did live in Singapore for awhile, our sons live away so always a reason to see her, she's been there since before we came to town, the benefits of the small town living  something we will miss with out a doubt.

By 8:30 I had the truck packed for goodwill and the downstairs cleaned up so I headed up to my folks house. Before it started drizzling we visited and I learned a bit about their new place but the rain cut that short, we'll try to stop in next time we're in Huntington. With both of us moving life is a little crazy for us all but we all do see a light at the end of the tunnel.

It rained on and off lightly so decided to go ahead and cut the grass, by 11 I was done doing what I could. We have a dump run to make, a mattress to drop off and the GMC tailgate to store. Still waiting to hear from the appraiser to do the final check on the door and heating system. Keeping fingers crossed all continues to go so well.

Made the final Goodwill run, stopped by and picked up our first mail at our new address, sprung Dave from work early and we headed home. We decided to stop at Wicked Wings in Johnson VT for lunch, we had some of the best onion rings we've ever had and the rest of the meal was just about as good. We'll definitely be back, we've got their take out menu and Dave has to go by on his way home from work.

I spent the afternoon reading and Dave pondered the inside of his eyelids. Took a walk around the park and found a project for us to work on Thursday. Grilled shrimp and steak for dinner. Like I said I think we'll like this life.

Until next time...


  1. Great blog! :)
    We're going for a paddle in Lake Eden tomorrow afternoon. Interested?

    1. Thanks for commenting on the blog, I decided to just go for it. I wish we could go tomorrow, I have to work in the store in the afternoon. How about Friday instead.

  2. Saw your comments on Bill and Nancy's blog. Gail and Rick and Bill and Nancy are good friends of ours. Bruce and I are waiting for my retirement and we will join the ranks as well. Just wanted to say welcome and glad to came out! :)

    1. Hi Laura, thanks for commenting on our blog. If Gail and Rick are an example of who we are going to meet looks like we'll have a lot of fun. I'm an avid reader so instead of books this past year it has been blog lurking and learning, looks like we read some of the same ones. Hope your retirement isn't too far away.


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