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Monday, June 17, 2013

Anniversary-Fathers Day-Birthday weekend

Friday's work afternoon went well, by closing all but 2 rigs had checked in. Just as 7pm approached they called ends up they were just 10 minutes away, but needed final directions. Since the campground is so new the road it's on isn't in any GPS and there is another road most GPSs try using. Robin ended up staying to check them in and I headed home. Dave ended up coming home a few hours early, it had been his first day back but still wasn't up to par. While waiting for me to come home he took a walk around the campground, he has taken on the official unofficial job of welcoming campers when he's not working. Looks like we have more co-workers in the park, whom I hadn't recognized as they checked in or came to the campstore afterwards. Jack & Sherrie along with Pete and Kathi were here to spend the weekend, I remember Jack from walking in the halls of IBM with Dave and it seems Pete works support for part of my old area there. He knows my old leads and co workers so will be letting them know he met us, I've kept up with some of them but haven't seen any one for awhile. We ended up closing out the night with them and there wives, another great evening in our new lifestyle.

Saturday was our 28th anniversary but we had other celebrating to do, Mount Mansfield Union High School class of 2013 had their graduation so we had to be in Burlington by 10am. Left home around 8:10 and by 9:35 we were sitting with the McDonald family awaiting the graduates. I used to have a cleaning business and have kept in touch with a few of them thanks to Facebook, I sure surprised Barb when I caught up with her. Earlier I had seen her so when she stopped to take pictures in front of us I said hi to her, took her a bit to place me since she hadn't a clue I'd be there. After a short visit and a promise to try and catch up before she leaves the area we both had a graduation to watch.

Since the graduation party was a mile away from our house we headed there first, Dave mowed and I got all of the stuff we need to get out of the house to the garage. Looks like one more trip to various places and then a few things to come back home and we will be done. We headed to the McDonald house were we enjoyed a few hours of celebrating with them, so good to see their families again, by 3pm Dave was ready to head home.

Saturday was a Father's Day BBQ celebration in the campground, we got back in time to enjoy some cake and to visit with our new extended family. Over the course of the evening we took a few slow walks around the campground visiting with lots of people eventually ending the night with our friends from work.

Sunday we actually slept in till after 6, hopefully when we don't work we'll be able to stay up later and get up later, with the schedule Dave keeps it easier to be early to bed and early to rise people, can't wait to change it by just a few hours or so. I headed to work around 10 and closed at 5pm, took a few reservations but spent most of my time dead heading petunia baskets we have hanging around our wraparound porch. By the time I headed to home I knew I was coming down with whatever Dave has had, I spent the rest of the evening feeling worse by the minute.

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