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Friday, May 17, 2013

House has passed inspection!!!

We received a phone call from the buyers, the house passed inspection :-) they have applied for their mortgage and things are moving along nicely. What a relief, you just never know what unknowns might come up at an inspection. So a great bit of stressed has been lifted off of our shoulders and we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. The buyers are on cloud nine, we are right up there with them, maybe now Dave's eyes will stop twitching.

Last Wednesday we took my folks out to dinner, their Christmas present-what do you get people who have all they need or want.We had a nice dinner at Longhorn, before hand we had made a run by the house. The grass needed mowing so Dave tackled that while I did laundry and moved more stuff to our garage sale area. June 7th is the date for it, then the next day anything that hasn't sold we'll take to the local Goodwill. First though the buyers have first choice and anything we aren't keeping. I'm just so glad I took the time this past winter to do as much as I did, but then that was what that time was for. Since this has been an ongoing process the task doesn't seem very daunting.

Thursday was spent around the campground, a few walks and a few projects whiled away the morning and early afternoon, just tried to keep ourselves busy. Then the call came about the inspection, after the call a great sigh a relief was had and numbness for a bit, then giddiness to us our greatest hurdle in all of this was passed. Then a few emails and phone calls to share the news, a walk down to the store to share the news and thank them for putting up with a stressed out me for the last few days. After dinner a few talks of where we want to spend Christmas. An email from my brother indicated they would probably be in Corpus Christi at the end of March, maybe the last stop before we turn north east for next summer back here in VT.

Today will be a day of a few phone calls, a quick run to the grocery store and then making a pot of Pasta E Fagioli to share with who ever wants some. Saturday & Sunday will be my first weekend working, looking forward to it, and now that I'm not stressed out it will be so much better.

So, until next time...

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