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Monday, May 6, 2013

Years Ago

Sunday we headed back to the house to get a few things done and meet Joe and Meg our buyers. On our drive to the house we received a phone call from our son Tom,. Tom had decided it was time to share a story (about doing something Dave had told him to never do) with us so he had us call him when we got to the house. He the had us go to the deck (on the 2nd floor) off of the master bedroom. This deck is also part of the flat room for the apartment, when Dave and I put the above ground pool in we strategically placed it far enough away from the edge of the apartment room so no one (Tom) would try a jump from the roof to the pool. After getting us in place Tom proceeded to tell us the story of how one day when we weren't home he and a bunch of his friends gathered up ladders and 2x10's and ducted taped them together and with a variety of things created a slide from our deck to the pool. He and Dave had a good laugh, Dave told him it was just jumping off he had been concerned about he said the slide sounded like a lot of fun. Sure explains where those huge rolls of used duct tape came from that we found all those many years ago. We had figured it was Tom back then after all he is know to take plastic wrap and wrap himself all up. It's always an adventure being the parent of Tom.

After our talk with Tom we got down to the business of the house, got the chores done, talked with both neighbors about the offer on the house and all are excited for us and to meet the new family. Mid afternoon we headed over to Les & Deb's house for a late lunch early dinner, while very happy for us we are all saddened an chapter in our lives is closing, but another is opening as they also have plans for the future that don't include living in VT. Thanks Les and Deb for dinner, we really appreciated it.

Our day ended around a campfire with adult beverages and a snack. Tried to get some Hershey bars at the grocery store last time but they were all out so settled for Rolo's just not the same for making smores.

Until next time...

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