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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Done packing!!!

Sunday was a slow day at the camp store. In VT the real camping season doesn't begin until Memorial Day and even then we're still getting some cold nights. I remember many years ago throwing a snowball at Dave while he was cutting the grass on Memorial Day weekend. We did have some cold nights last week, Dave lost some tomato plants to frost, even covered they didn't make it. Sunday evening was spent getting stuff together for Monday.

Monday I headed out with Dave at 5:30am, by the time I dropped him off at work and got to the house it was just about 7am. I spent the morning getting everything besides furniture downstairs, getting as much packed as I could before Carol came over for a visit. The last of the stuff we are keeping was gathered up, had a long visit with Carol then headed out on my errands before picking Dave up, we were back home around 4pm. A walk to the scoop shop, dinner a little later and a quiet night. 

Tuesday started out like Monday, by 10:30 though I had the final boxes packed and at this point don't think there is anything more we are taking from the house. We have 38 boxes of various sizes and 3 suitcases, all this will fit in a 10x5 area thus reaching the goal I set for myself. I'm sure we've kept too much but for now this is as much as I'm willing to give up. It will all be moved to IL when my folks head out there. Tuesday was also Carol's birthday, we had a great time going to lunch and talking. Then off to Home Depot for a few things, a stop at the lawyers then off to get Dave, we got home around 3:30, both of us were tired so after an early dinner we called it an early night.

At times I'm fine while at the house, then I'll take a short break and walk around the house, then the eyes start leaking. We have wonderful memories here but it is now time to move on, we are so excited about this winter, now just trying to figure out where we'll go. And now we have to figure a late summer early fall 2014 wedding at the Grand Canyon into our plans.

Last week we discovered that our leak from last year is still haunting us. We talked to the service center where we got the RV and extended warranty, since it isn't covered by the warranty they suggested getting an awning topper, something we were thinking of doing anyway. Wednesday was spent hourly wringing out shamwows as they wicked up the water. I took apart the bed to see if the carpet underneath was wet, not too bad, left the bed off turned on the AC and fan to dry things out. Dave came home early with a tarp which got tested a few hours later and no new water. So awning for the slide has been ordered, should be here any day now.

Wednesday after getting the slide wrapped we were relaxing we received a phone call from our buyers. Their mortgage is approved, of course now there is the legalese to finish but maybe by the middle of June we will have our closing. We are meeting with them this weekend to see what of our stuff they want, then the push is on to get rid of everything else. So our days off will be full for the next few weeks but then FREEDOM, FREEDOM at least of home ownership and all it entails.

Until next time...

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