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Friday, May 3, 2013

Fulltimers for now

After a great nights sleep Thursday we had errands to run so we headed out to get them accomplished so we could enjoy the afternoon at camp. By early afternoon we were back and ready to enjoy the rest of our day. We had purchased some tomato plants and herbs while out so got them set until we can get them planted, since we are having an unusual long dry spell of 70 degree weather we decide to get the water fountain and bird bath going. Sunday we while setting up our friend Taylor, Robin's 6 year old granddaughter spied us in the park. She came racing over on bike flying through the campground, good thing no one was around, jumped off her bike, ran and jumped into Dave's arms. I've seen Taylor a few times over the winter and she always asked me where her Dave was. On Thursday afternoon we were visited by Taylor and her cousin Tucker, both spent time playing with our fountain.

Thursday evening was a bit surreal again with only us here, we enjoyed another beautiful spring evening and ended it with another visit by the cousins.

Today was my first "real" day at work, how can you call getting to hang out at a campground, be sociable and help people enjoy themselves working. I know at times it will get crazy but can't get any crazier than some of the places I've worked. I mean really people want to be doing this they don't have to be here, so unless they are just really negative people or having a really bad day it can't be too stressful. Today a shipment of all sorts of things arrived, there must have been a dozen sheets of different items, the mission today was to check it all in and get it priced and shelved. Between Robin, her sister Tina who runs the store and myself we got it done, by 4pm we were vacuuming and mopping the floors and getting ready for ice cream. Man was it good, now if only I could remember the name, oh well always tomorrow to check and sample it again.

Prepared my first quick meal on the RV stove, success I can make frozen ravioli and prepared sauce for dinner. So I'll see if I can advance a bit tomorrow night in the difficulty of meal preparation.  I've read meals can be a bit of a challenge, we shall see.

I recently asked our friends Mark and Nancy to read the blog looking for some feedback before going public. I know they've done some reading because I had to learn how to reply to comments. Thanks Mark. Maybe it will give them something to do while they are out on their second camping trip in cold rainy WI. I've know Mark since we were teenagers, and then became friends with Nancy when they got together. Mark was the photographer at our wedding, Dave, Mark and some other guys used to do the guys fishing trip thing, our families vacationed together once at a lake house. Both sets or our kids were born near each other so Nancy and I as young mothers, along with another friend, spent a lot of time together. Before they moved to IL they came to visit us here in VT, after many years of Christmas cards we reconnected on Facebook and not surprisingly we still have some common interest. We are looking forward to seeing them when we head west this fall, hopefully for longer then the current planned lunch. So thanks guys I really do appreciate you taking the time to read my ramblings.

Until next time...

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