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Sunday, May 19, 2013

First work day and a ring

The past few days have been much better. stress and anxiety levels have gone down, lists of things to take care of are being made, phone calls to get things moving are being set and next week I'll be spending a few days at the house packing and getting things done. Tomorrow I will head to the town office to get a few things for the lawyer, it will also be a time of goodbyes. Being in one spot for 20 years and having been just a small part of the community we do know all the folks in the town office, we've seen these folks at the schools, church and we have kids the same age so saw them at many a function. Huntington VT has been a wonderful place to bring up our boys, a small town of less than 2000 people you can always walk into Beaudry's the local store and find someone you know. Beaudry's is an old store where the buildings been there forever, the floors aren't level but it is one great little store, if they don't have it you really don't need it. Linda the owner is the unofficial mayor of the town, what a wonderful woman she is. Always there when the fire department is called out or whenever someone needs help with something. Whenever we went away if the boys needed anything they could go see her, as far as we are concerned Beaudry's and Linda are the heart of the town.

Yesterday was my first day working the store and scooping ice cream, need to work on my scooping a bit but otherwise a soft intro to my new career :)  Now to just remember all of the names, that shouldn't be too hard, during my banking days it amazed my customers that I knew their names. While working this past winter at Hickory Farms in the local mall I saw many of my former banking customers, again they were amazed that I remembered their names, so I imagine in another month or so I'll for sure know most of their names. The store is open until 8pm on Saturdays, around 6:30 a few folks gathered for a potluck dinner, turns out it was just us that work here and our families, Dave arrived just after 7 so he got to join us for a bit. A few minutes before 8 Robin started kicking folks out, by 8:30 after a quick vacum and mop I was home. So my work day was made up of sitting on the porch talking, ringing up some sales, taking one phone call, talking and handing out information to prospective campers, not too rough I think I'll like this kind of work.

While cleaning up at the end of the day yesterday my cell phone rang, it was our son David, knowing what he was probably calling about I didn't want to take the call while mopping. By the time I got to the RV Dave was still on the phone with him. He was in PA visiting Laura and meeting her parents, he was also planning on talking to Laura's father. David and Laura are engaged!!! David had sworn us to secrecy when he told us his plans during my birthday phone call from him. We couldn't be happier for them, we've never met Laura but are looking forward to seeing them both when we get to AZ this winter.

Our son Tom is proud of me, I recently added texting to my cell phone plan. With all that has been going on over the last few weeks I knew I needed to take action, I still have moved up to a smart phone or any such thing. While it isn't a smart phone it does have a tiny keyboard which works relatively well. Tom doesn't have a consistent schedule so sending texts to him sometimes works a lot better than calling.

Life is a little exciting these days and the stress is easing. Off to another day of "work".

Until next time...

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