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Monday, October 4, 2021

Not Quite What We Planned

 September 21-October 4, 2021

Our 157-mile ride to Horsetooth Reservoir-South Bay Campground on the west side of Ft Collins was uneventful, just what we like. We had many plans for our 14-day visit, many of which never happened.

Site 9

Horsetooth Reservoir sits on the west side of Ft Collins, South Bay Campground is right at the southern end, with easy access to Ft Collins and the northwest side of Denver. There are electric only and FHU sites, we had an FHU site which along with the daily access fee comes to just under $50/night. The FHU sites will fit big rigs but some of the electric-only sites won't fit us or we wouldn't be able to get our slides out due to the placement of rocks around some sites. Verizon signal is good but the bandwidth sometimes isn't up the traffic in the area. While we don't usually like to spend that much it's much nicer to spend it on a site here instead of a commercial private park. If we find ourselves in the area again we'd come back.  

Around the campground:

The day we arrived, after setting up, we headed to Zwei Brewing for a tasting. Dave enjoyed a few of their beers and has packed away a crowler for sharing when we get to AZ. After that things went downhill for a while. Dave finally succumbed to the super cold my Dad had unwittingly shared with him. About a week later I too fell to the super cold. My Dad had accidentally shared it with us in the last 2 days we were in IL, he was tested for Covid which came back negative. My Mom also caught it, so we all dealt with a couple of weeks worth of stuffy heads and runny noses.

So what did we do?

Amazon came through for us again with the part for the AC and a locker to deliver it to only 5 miles away. One new control board and we’re back in business and no more shocks when we touch the RV.

Larimer County Farmers Market downtown Ft Collins at the county courthouse is awesome, forgot to get pictures but we scored some awesome finds. Mushrooms, fruits, produce sweets, and best of all local beef and pork. If you’re in the area don’t miss it.

tasting at the Tap and Handle pub
We made it into Rocky Mountain National Park one day out of the three we had reserved, there were many hikes we wished we could have done. We did take the one-way dirt 9 mile Old Fall Ridge Road, a nice ride and the truck did awesome. We love the turning radius on the Ram, so much better than the Chevy.

We did take a few scenic rides and enjoyed the start of fall.

We managed to get to New Belgium Brewery, no tours these days, but Dave did get to sample some of their beers he’s never had.

The rest of our time was spent fighting the super cold, we missed seeing some friends and told our son to stay away. We’ll see Tom at our next stop in Colorado Springs and hope to also catch up with our missed friends there. We’re both feeling better, a touch of congestion lingering. One day we'll get back here and Dave can check out more of the breweries. In the morning we head to Cheyenne Mountain State Park where we have 14 days there.

Until next time...


  1. Sorry to hear about your super colds. They sound miserable! Here's to feeling better soon. Thanks for the pretty fall photos and the animal pics.

  2. So glad to know it was only cold! Hopefully any lingering germs will be blown away as you head south :)
    Are those huge servings of a beer flight? or just the angle.
    Ahh, Fall ...the Aspens are beautiful and you are in the midst of it! Looks like the wildlife are also trying to comfort you while you were under the weather. - ML

  3. Thanks God, it was only cold! I would have been paranoid and get myself tested. Hopefully all the germs will be blown away and left behind as you head south.
    At least the wild animals were there to comfort you or entertain you while you were mending the cold.
    Ahh, Fall colors, the aspens must have also brightened your stay there. - ML


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