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Monday, August 5, 2013

Good People - Goodbye

It's so nice to know there is still honest and good people out there. Friday I went to the grocery store for the campground and us, as I was checking out I couldn't find the campground cash. I went to customer service and no one had turned it in, I was getting really mad at myself just seemed like the start to a bad day. As we were driving out Dave asked me if I wanted to go to customer service again so we turned around and I went back. As I was talking with the young lady at the front desk a older lady came up also, she asked if any one had lost something, when I told her she proceeded to hand me the cash I had lost, she was a Christian after all and it was the right thing to do. Being so thankful I then made sure she and her grandson had lunch on me, once again I was reminded of how many really good people there are out there. 

Pat & Dick
Robin & Faye-we'll miss you Dick & Pat
Later Friday we said goodby to some of our new seasonal friends. Dick & Pat are originally from VT but live in GA these days, since mid May they have been living here too to be close to family for visiting.  We found out Thursday they would be leaving this weekend due to health reasons, so plans were hatched to surprise them with an afternoon and evening of visits. Around 3 Dave and I and another couple headed over with some drinks and snacks, after a few hours of talking and enjoying the company of these fine folks we headed home and soon saw some more folks bearing food and heading to Dick & Pat's for their goodbyes. We hope to stop in GA on our way home from the coast this winter to visit them, Dick has a military background and can get us into a Famcamp near them. Pat and I promised we wouldn't say goodby but instead see ya next year, we wish them the best as they head home to get better. I told Dave earlier this summer they are who I want us to be when we grow up, they've enjoyed their life, were fulltimers for awhile and are still lead an active life.

Saturday I pulled an extra shift covering for someone who was away, the skies were cloudy and the temps have cooled down looks like we're back into the cool rainy pattern again :(  So with a cool day I never scooped any ice cream and we left the slushie machine off, it's not worth the electric $$'s it's costing to run the machine. Don't know quite what is going on but no one seems to be participating in the activities this year, it'll be interesting to see how activities are handled at some of the places we visit this winter. 

After work our friends, Mike & Carol, from Huntington came for a visit,  this has been a hard week for them as they lost one of their cats a few days ago, we know what they are going through so we decided on a quiet evening instead of heading out somewhere. We took a quick walk in between rain showers to say goodby one last time to Dick & Pat. Dinner of smoked turkey and fresh produce from the local farmer who stops by every Saturday afternoon, was held inside, since there was to be no fire we settled in for a game of spades. It took a moment to figure out where everyone was suppose to sit, there is a certain order to our playing after all these years, as Carol would say it isn't natural if we're not sitting in the right places.

Sunday was a day of making sure Dave stayed off of his feet, his achilles heel is acting up again,the  tendonitis  was acting up probably something to do with him up and down the ladder while cleaning the front of the RV Saturday-but it sure is pretty and shiny.

Now we're into another week of working, our days off this week are Wed & Thurs, next weekend is the pig roast here at the campground so I know some of the work days will be busy getting ready for it. Hope we have good weather and turnout, haven't heard the cost but I know last years was well attended. Sure hope I remember to take pictures with my new Iphone that I still have quite figures out yet.

Until next time...

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  1. Nice there are honest people out there! Sounds like a lovely couple to friend. Hopeful Dave does well with that foot!


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