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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Not much going on the last 10 days or so besides working and waiting for Dave's

This past weekend was our weekend off so Friday we got out some of the Christmas decorations we packed, strung up the icicle lights around the front of the rig, then found a few things we kept from the house but  aren't taking with us and put those out.

About a half dozen sites were decorated and someone one a free night of camping, I think it was the folks behind us as their place was set up as a winter wonderland.

our neighbors

We also enjoyed an evening around the campfire good friends, lots of laughter and s'mores, doesn't get much better than that.
Faye & Carol

Robin & Arjay, the campground owners, left on Sunday morning for a get away to Old Orchard Beach, ME for a few days. This left a few chores not covered so Dave and I offered our services, Dave got garbage detail and I got the Little House (bathrooms) as our chores. As Dave was getting ready to head to the barn for garbage detail we heard one of Robins' brother in laws starting to make the garbage rounds, while Dave ended up getting out of his chores I couldn't convince them to do the Little House. Around noon all the weekend warriors were gone so I headed to take care of my chores with a little trepidation, we'd had a lot of campers in over the weekend. I am happy to report we had very considerate guest this weekend and the bathrooms were not trashed, 45 minutes later my chores were done for the day. During the afternoon we spent some time with some of the younger seasonals we only see on the weekends, lots of questions on how we can manage to make this lifestyle change at our age and what are plans are this winter, looks like we may have some of them following along. There were also discussions on how to make the campground a better one, one of my plans this winter is to see what is working in different places so I can bring some ideas back.

Packages have been arriving which means we must be getting closer to departure date, even if it's still up in the air it can't be too much longer. Among other things we've received our new Weber Q grill and our Pressure Pro tire monitoring system, ordered some personal business cards which should be here soon, a few more things and we should be good to go.

 At this point we don't know if Dave will have surgery before we leave or not, seems instead of the surgeon he saw a nurse practitioner, he won't be able to see the surgeon until 9/30 and who knows when surgery would be. We are looking into another orthopedic surgeon, waiting to hear if they can get Dave in and operated on before we leave. We are also thinking of getting his bone spurs taken care of while on the road this winter, just wish we could get some of our questions answered by a surgeon. Worse case scenario we would have to curtail our walks and hiking would be out of the question this winter. So we shall see.

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  1. Hang in there. Everything seems to always work out in the end :) There's a reason for everything??? :)

    1. Thanks Gail, I'm a firm believer in things happen for a reason, it'll work out the way it's suppose to.


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