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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another week down, nine to go

Last week was a bit crazy as we watched from afar our son David's fiancee travel across the country from PA to AZ to be with him. Laura had her girlfriend Jessica with her, thank goodness because everything that's never happened to us happened to Laura. Our first update had her broken down an hour into their ride, they were just outside of Pittsburgh, after getting back on the road we hoped things would get better, not. Our next call was to inform us her wallet had been lost\stolen with $500 in it, after that crisis was dealt with it appears she got a ticket. They decided to change drivers on the side of the interstate and got a ticket for not keeping up with traffic, a speeding violation. Facebook provided the next update, they had made it to Oklahoma City, things seemed to be looking up until the early evening phone call from David, they had broken down in Groom TX, the engine in the 1995 Jeep (180K miles) was blown. David was in the midst of emptying his car of everything in it and getting ready to head to TX. Spoke to him a few times to give him some travel information, after a restlessness night we checked in with him as soon as we got up. He was traveling around Amarillo,he had had a few energy drinks throughout the night and was watching the sun start to come up. A few phone calls later and we had his exact destination for him, he was ready to find a bed for a few hours. By the time he called during his drive home Thursday afternoon he was crossing over into NM with a loaded car. During their time in Groom Laura and Jessica were given help by the Catholic church, since David and Laura didn't have the financial means nor desire to fix the Jeep they donated it to the church, a win for all parties. While we know this has been a stressful month for both of them, we know dealing and getting through these things can make for a stronger relationship. We are so looking forward to seeing them at Thanksgiving.

My folks have made it through the closing of their VT home and the closing on their new home in Neoga IL,  the movers should have been there with their furniture. We spent their last evening in VT dining at Guild and Company and relativity new restaurant my dad has wanted to go to. My girlfriend Carol and I had looked at going their one time but it was just a bit too pricey for what we wanted. While the dinner was good the music was terrible, loud and didn't fit the atmosphere, we're glad to have tried it but doubt we'll be back, thanks Mom and Dad for dinner, next one's on us to celebrate your new home. I know my dad reads the blog, now to get him to comment one of these days.

It was a work weekend for us so while Dave headed to the real world I got to do my part around here, Friday not we had lots of folks checking in, quite a few returners but then almost as many new folks. I did get to spend a few hours weeding some gardens around the store before all the weekend campers started arriving. The evening went by fast as I was busy checking in folks and serving ice cream,  got home to the pot roast I had put in the slow cooker earlier but no husband. Seems he couldn't be in the rv with the smell of dinner with out eating it so he was out doing his welcoming thing, so glad it was as good as it smelled. Saturday was a slow day for a Saturday at the campground, think it had something to do with the Lamoille Field Days, lots of folks went there, there we even a vendor and worker or two in the campground this week. Sunday was even slower but then it usually is, spent a lot of the day sitting on the porch visiting with one person or another, not a bad way to spend a work day.

Looks like we will have just about all of Dave's vacation to add to his leave of absence, our target date now is 9/30, we're going to take our time heading to IL. We'll be making a few stops along the I-90 corridor  at a few of the great lakes and then swing down to US 30 & US 24 to avoid Chicago, we have reservations at Salamonie State Park in IN for the Columbus day weekend, then up to Fulton and a visit with friends we haven't seen in eighteen years.

Last week I decided to see if the local library would issue me a card, I do have a Kindle which will be great while we traveling but recently I've been missing the feel of a book in my hands while reading so much so I had bought a few books. Johnson library issued me a card so I left there a happy camper with four books by authors I haven't read in a few years. I've already finished one and am halfway through another which by the end of the week should be done.

From one extreme to another, yesterday I got an Iphone, now to figure out how to use the dang thing. Trying to figure out how to sync it with my music hasn't been as easy to do as I thought, not plug and sync I guess, that will be my job when I get back from my morning out. Maybe I'll ask whatever young person I get to transfer my contacts when I stop by verizon today, they all seem to know all this stuff.

Work for the next couple of days, then an extra Saturday morning shift this weekend covering for someone who is going away. Hopefully a few friends out for dinner the evening, weather looks promising.

Until next time...


  1. Thought of you guys today...I smoked a pork butt in the crockpot. It worked pretty well and it was yummy! I've been craving pulled pork since Dave smoked that one for us!
    Glad your travel plans are coming together.

  2. What a ride out West. Glad she's safe and sound. I have a dear friend in Fowler, IN I hope to see in Sept. Neoga is where the refurbish RVs. My husband family all from Greenup, IL. Hosting sounded pleasant over your weekend. I'm lving middle of the week, so quiet! Why are they going to Neoga?

  3. Thanks for your comment on our blog. I would email you, but no email on your blog. are you at Maplewoods Camp until end of Sept? If you are, maybe we will come stay there in September.


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