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Sunday, August 7, 2016

61 Day Alaska Caravan: Day 23-25

August 3-5

Day 23

Our travel day to Chicken Alaska started early, we were in line for the Yukon ferry at 5:30am.When we arrived there were 3 RV’s in front of us, within 30 minutes there were at least 20 RV’s behind us. Two caravan companies were crossing the ferry today, at least 44 RV’s and that doesn’t count any of the other travelers that weren’t part of the group. Our wagon master always gives us a window of time to leave in, Dave and I decided to go with the earlier time. It took about an hour to get on the ferry, between the 3 RV’s in front of us, shift change on the ferry and the fueling of the ferry we sat for an hour. Because of a sandbar building up just off the loading area only one RV was allowed at a time unless you were a really small RV.

Once we escaped the ferry we were off and up riding the Top of the World Highway, most of our travels this trip has kept us in the river valleys. Today we were riding along the ridge tops instead, beautiful expansive views.

Our border crossing was quick and enjoyable with a very friendly lady border patrol agent. We’ve made it to Alaska and are back in the USA. From the border west for about 7 miles the road was the nicest we’ve seen in a month, new and smooth. Then we reached the road to Chicken, which by many accounts is better this year than it has been in previous years. After 28 miles of dodging potholes and frost heaves we arrived at Chicken Gold Camp Campground in the suburbs of Chicken. The town of Chicken has a year round population of 3 though that number does grow in the summer time as the miners, business owners and tourist cause a population explosion. With the change to Alaskan time we arrived in Chicken at 10:30. As the day progressed people slowly pulled in, when it was time to go to our chicken dinner in Chicken there were still a few RV's that hadn't shown up. There were reports of long waits at the ferry, by the time our tail gunners arrived it was almost 7pm, they had waited 6 hours for the ferry. Our early departure was a great choice.

If we ever do the Top of the World Highway again, doubtful, we would  choose to boondock overnight on the highway, the views were so expansive it would be nice to just pull up a chair and enjoy them for awhile.

Day 24

A short drive day but an early start since there would be our caravan and another caravan company would be heading for Tok and all the RV washes there. We left Chicken by 7:30, with only 78 miles to go we arrived in Tok around 9:30 and headed to the RV wash. With the help of some of our fellow travelers an hour later we had most of the dirt and grime off the RV, then it was time to return the favor and help our friends get their RV washed. A little after 11 we were all sitting down to an early lunch at Fast Eddy's. By noon we were pulling into the Tok RV Village and the cleaning of the inside began. A few hours later we don't feel like we're living in dust and dirt anymore. Don't know why we never took any pictures this day.

Day 25

Our drive from Tok to Fairbanks was about 207 miles, we were on the road about 9am, trying to beat most of the rv traffic. Our first stop was at Delta Meat and Sausage Company, they advertised elk and reindeer sausage, well they had it but it was really beef and pork sausage with elk or reindeer added. We ended up with just one package of sausage sticks. Our next stop was the Delta Junction Visitors Center where the "official" end of the Alaska Highway is.

Our next stop was Rika's Roadhouse which is at the Big Delta Historical Park, well most of the buildings at Rika's are reproductions and the lunch isn't anything to write home about. Cafeteria style, pre-made sandwiches, some on croissants and all in waiting in the fridge. The only real good think was the chicken noodle soup. Oh well at the least the company was good.

We arrived at River's Edge RV Park in Fairbanks about 1pm, the park is on the Chena River and while the sites are small there is grass at them.

After setting up a resupply run was made to the Brown Jug Liquor store. But still, our day was not yet over. One couple whose blog I follow have spent the summer fishing around Alaska, they were going to be in Fairbanks, today was their last day in town before heading to Tok so we met for dinner at the Silver Gulch Brewery. Our new caravan friends Mike and Liz joined us,  Jim and Barb of Jim and Barb's RV Adventure like so many other fulltime RV couples are great fun loving people, we had a great time laughing and talking for a few hours. We look forward to meeting them again down the road.
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  1. Great finally meeting you guys! We did Chicken and Top of the World yesterday and boondocked along the road just outside of Dawson City. Great views up there!


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