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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

61 Day Alaska Caravan: Day 21-22

August 1-2, 2016

Day 21

Today we traveled 335 to Dawson City YT, it was a long travel day on a road that was reminiscent of the road we travel in northern Maine, Rt 11, up to Ft Kent ME. Lots of spruce forest, the scent reminding us of those long trips following logging trucks up into the farther reaches of Maine. With a stop to grill burgers the trip took us about 8 hours. After the long days drive we landed in Gold Rush Campground in downtown Dawson City, another one of those places where there is no room between sites, thank goodness only 2 nights here.

Gold Rush Campground, just a bit tight.

Five Fingers Rapids on the Yukon River

Stairs taking you down for a close up of rapids, there were another set of these further down and then a short hike to the rapids where we took the above pictures. Great place to get a workout on a travel day.

Our travel meeting was followed by an outing to Diamond Tooth Gerties for dinner and a show. While much shorter than the show in Whitehorse it was entertaining.

The young lady over Dave's right shoulder ended up being our waitress the next day when we stopped for lunch in town.

When we got back from the show we found another one of these Rotel tours in the park. 

Day 22

The morning started with a historical walking tour of Dawson City, the city's historical bylaws keep the character of the city as it was during the height of it's prosperity. At one time there 40,000 people, mainly men, living in town. Current year round residents total 2,000. Except for the Klondike Highway all streets are unpaved and the buildings when undergoing renovations must meet historical guidelines.

Our very knowledgeable tour guide who is a year round resident who lives off grid just across the river.

Former bank, just one of a few building needing renovation.

In my early banking career I worked in a few very old banks but none quite this old. 

We then hopped in a friend's jeep and headed out to some local attractions, our first stop was at the top of Dome Rd where we got a birds eye view of the town.

At the confluence of the Yukon and Klondike Rivers you can see where the muddy Yukon and the clean Klondike meet.

We then headed to Dredge #4, the largest dredge in the world, now owned by the Canadian Parks System and in the process of being renovated.

On our ride back to town we were rewarded with a very familiar animal sighting.

This beautiful scrimshaw was in the Dawson City Visitors Center.

Tomorrow we head to Chicken Alaska by way of the Top Of The World Highway, a ride that has me a bit nervous, in 24 hours it will be just a memory.

Until next time...


  1. Cool little town, we are looking forward to getting there. We are headed that way when we leave Fairbanks on Saturday!

  2. I love seeing the meeting of the rivers ... always fascinating.

  3. That campground really was close quarters. Love the pictures of the Yukon River.

  4. That looked like a fun stop. The confluence of the clean and muddy rivers is fascinating.
    How come there are no people around?


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