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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Relaxing at Toad Suck

We had heard about Toad Suck from our friends Carla and Jerry of Cozy Be Gone who had stayed here earlier this year. When we heard about it from them we knew we'd have to go there someday, with a name like Toad Suck you just have to check it out. We'd also like to welcome Carla and Jerry to the Grand Design family, after some recent issues with their former rig they've joined the 5th wheel group and purchased a Solitude 320X.

 Last Sunday we pulled into Toad Suck COE in Conway AR, this small campground is on the Arkansas river with many river front sites. Loop C is a non reservable loop, we got the last site in it. Though our site for some reason was set up backwards (table & fire pit on wrong site) we were just glad to get one on the river. We enjoyed a fire that night and made the decision to stay for a week, they weather was predicted to be in the 70's all week and we can sit and watch the boats go through the lock here at Toad Suck.

Monday on our bike ride around we found a nicer site had come available in the non reservable loop, a quick stop at the office and an hour later we're all set up in a nicer site. Our shortest move yet.

The legend of Toad Suck goes something like this: Long ago, steamboats traveled the Arkansas River when the water was at the right depth. When it wasn't, the captains and their crew tied up to wait where the Toad Suck Lock and Dam now spans the river. While they waited, they refreshed themselves at the local tavern. The dismayed folks living nearby were heard to say: "they suck on the bottle 'til they swell up like toads." Hence the name Toad Suck :) The annual Toad Suck Daze celebrates the legend, if you are in the area on the first weekend of May looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Then there history according to Dave, this was his Facebook post the day we arrived here.

 Here we be at Toad Suck COE park in Conway AR. The name Toad Suck comes from the local Toad Suck Indians who saved the town of Conway from the giant Arkansas three toed horny back toad. In 1886 the town was overrun by the toads which were eating all the baby goats and children under 5 years old. The town elders went to see the Famous Toad Suck Indian chief Suckatoejam to ask for his help to save the town. Suckatoejam agreed to help for the price of a donkey and two white woman. Suckatoejam climbed to the highest hill (Mt Cuminsuck) to summon Toesuckalot, God of Amphibians and all thinks frog like, to ask for the power to cleanse to town of the horny menace. Suckatoejam used the power to vanquish the Toads from the town to the Arkansas river where they all drowned. This is a local folk legend (Dave's) and may not be factual.

We visited the nearby Cadron Settlement which is along the Arkansas River and.where the Tollantusky Trail is located. The trail is named for Tollantusky a chief of the Arkansas Cherokee, while we didn't walk the trail due to Dave's foot being booted up we did stop at some of the scenic view points. There are old stagecoach and ferry roads that bisect the trail. If we are ever in the area again we'll go back to hike there.

We took what was marked as a scenic ride, guess scenic means different things in this area. While it was nice there was never anywhere that made us go "wow" but we did find the Natural Bridge of Arkansas.

At one time log trucks used the bridge while laden with logs, not sure if I'd trust it but guess they made it since the bridge is still there.

 A couple of old local cabins had been moved to the property, one was an office while the other housed a small display of old housewares and such. 

Our friends Bev and Dennis of Parrot Dize Travel are friends from our place at Gulf Waters RV Resort in TX, they are from the Conway area and recommended Gigi's Cupcakes. Now I'm partial to cupcakes, I can get a variety of flavors instead of just a cake and one flavor, needless to say we need to do some laps here at the campground, boot and all.

my office this past week

I always travel with an atlas in my truck, the one I've been using was from 2010 and both covers were long gone, we also keep a master atlas in the rig of all of our travels over the years. When I get a new atlas for the vehicle I transfer all of our highlighted routes to it, I spent a few afternoons sitting outside listening to the river working on that over the last week.

 We saw where there was a farmers market on Saturday, these are always hit or miss. Well this one was a real miss, a meat vendor and the 4 tables of handmade crafts. Nothing for us from the market today :(

So our week here has gone by quietly, lots of time in the lounge chairs watching the river, multiple daily walks around the campground. We have enjoyed the wonderful weather while our friends back in VT brace for their winter, already snow on the mountains and temps have fallen. We leave for Clear Spring COE near Texarkana TX tomorrow, we'll spend a week there, hoping to find a better grocery store, need to stock the freezer and don't want to do it at Walmart,

Until next time...


  1. Looking forward to finding a gem like that. Would love to slow down and enjoy the scenery. It will happen soon. Thanks for the great information.

  2. I've heard Toad Suck was a great park...thanks for confirming. The name just cracks me up though :)

    We've found many farmer's markets that only have crafts or baked goods too. I just want fresh veggies!

    Those cupcakes look amazing.

  3. Maybe there is a HEB store there...that park was on our radar. Hope it's a good one. Great idea for the atlas....

  4. How can you not check out a place with such an intriguing name ... thanks for the story behind it. Like many COEs we've stayed at it looks like a great campground.

    No fair posting cupcake photos when I am trying so hard not to indulge ;-))

  5. Hmmm I left this comment twice earlier today. Ok here goes again. I have always wanted to know the origin of this name. It's just too funny. How would you like to write Toad Suck as your address. I think I'd be laughing too hard to do it. So thanks for both renditions the interesting and the far out! Those cupcakes look DElicious. How about a row by row identification so I can know just what is in each of their mouth watering goodness. Isn't there one missing there in the upper row? Id' have eaten it if I could have I'm sure. Love your atlas idea and would love a picture of a page or two out of your master atlas. I think I'm going to "borrow" this from you if you don't mind. Sounds like a wonderful week to me.

  6. We stayed at Toad Suck in May and enjoyed the barge traffic on the Arkansas River.

  7. Lovely pictures. I would like to be there on Saturdays ( farmers market)


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