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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Just Passing Through IN

After a rainy, blustery, gas/diesel guzzling 4 hours we arrived in Ft Wayne IN, our original plan had us staying at an IN state park, after figuring the cost with the extra truck it was going to be double the cost of the city park in Ft Wayne. With cold and rainy weather predicted we decided to head for Johny Appleseed Memorial Park where the city has a small campground, with electric sites, some have their own water and some share water.The campground backs up to the parking lot for the Coliseum which appears to be the local large events center, imagine it can get a bit crazy and noisy here sometimes, this weekend though it has been quiet when inside the rig.While it is no state park for sure it is a nice small campground, lots of trees but we ended up in a sight with fewer trees so our satellite finally found a signal. For $18\night on some cold and yucky days I'm not complaining. It's been a great place to ride out a cold weekend, get some blog writing caught up and do a little shopping.

We did find a farmers market where we were able to get some fresh sweet corn, tomatoes, eggs and straight from the farm beef, a few other treats and our market bag was full. Now why I didn't take any pics is beyond me, have to get back in the habit.

We ended up at a mall close to the campground, Dave's boss is a Notre Dane fan, not much of their stuff in VT but we found some at the local mall. Hope you like what we ended up with John, Dave tried to call you to get your input.

We had another small world moment at Johny Appleseed, we met Kathy & Jerry from Jeffersonville VT one town over from our summer place in Johnson. What makes it even smaller is Kathy's sister comes to Maplewoods, recognized the name but couldn't put a face to the name. Because of the inclimate weather we didn't get a chance to visit with our new friends but maybe they'll come visit our summer campground next year.

Our next stop is Comlara Park in Hudson IL, a county park where we are meeting friends from our NY days, we finally caught up with them last fall after 18 years between visits. We hope to meet Curt and Glenda of the blog Illinois Campers:That's How We Roll we recently went full time, unfortunately they are in the area as Curt's dad is not doing well.

Until next time... 


  1. We've had really good luck at some city and county parks along the way.

  2. That's a neat little campground. We stayed there several years ago.


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