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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Time With Good Friends

On Saturday we made the 2.5 hour ride to Lake Park GA to spend time with some friends we made last summer at our VT campground. Dick is a veteran of the Korean and Vietnam wars so he got us a site in Grassy Pond FAMCamp.

 This is a great small park, we wouldn't be spending much time here at the campground as Dick and Pat had a few things planned for us while we're here.We have a nice pull thru with a nice sized yard, if we were going to be around for a while it would be a great place to relax.

After setting up we headed over to Dick & Pat's home, they've lived all over the country and in many different countries, aside from being a veteran they were full timers at one time. Among many other things they did after the service they used to deliver RV's around the country. After toddy hour we headed to a buffet dinner at Mama June's then called it an early night.

Sunday we headed to Macon GA to the Aviation Museum, the weather turned rainy during our drive up, as we drove northward we saw lots of motorhomes heading to Perry GA where the FMCA rally was going on. As we drove by the fairgrounds where it is being held we saw hundreds of MH there, looks like they'll have a great turnout despite the weather.

This is one of the planes our friend Dick served on, it was really interesting for Dave to visit the museum with Dick and hear some real life stories. Pat and I looked around for awhile then found a place to sit and talk while the guys viewed the planes. Unfortunately the rain kept up so outside viewing wasn't possible.

We then headed to the base exchange to look around, something we've never been able to do. Dave found some really nice REEF sandals for a good price. We then headed to the Moody AFB commissary where we took advantage of some great prices, even found some Ben & Jerry's ice cream for a reasonable price. 

Monday we took a booze run to the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville FL, Dick had told us this was the place to stock up on alcohol so we did just that, think we're ready for the summer. After that we headed to Lake City FL to Nettles Sausage

where we picked up a case of sausage, the day before while at their home Dick had us try some. I am not much of a sausage eater but this was something I  liked so we wanted to get a supply in. Afterwards we headed back to their home where we had our afternoon toddies and then headed to Pig N Smoke for a great BBQ dinner. Sure wish I had remembered the camera.

Today we spent the morning doing some chores then headed over for our last visit with our friends till we are all in VT again. We took a drive to Valdosta to the South Georgia Pecan Company where we ended up with 6 one pound bags of a variety of flavored pecans. It was then off to a local produce market where we scored some fresh strawberries, tomatoes and vidalia onions. After a wonderful steak dinner served by our gracious host we headed home to get as much ready for our move tomorrow. We are headed to Gunter Hill COE outside of Montgomery for at least a week, it's around 285 miles so we want to get on the road as early as possible.
Pat & Dick
Until next time...


  1. We checked out Gunter Hill when we were staying at Maxwell AFB ... it's another lovely COE.

  2. What wonderful friends. Fresh pecans and produce sounds wonderful. David might have bought a truck full of pecans. 285 miles is longer than we have ever driven in one day in 4 years. We've stayed at Gunter Hill, you'll love it. Safe travels.

  3. You will love Gunter Hill. One loop is all redone with FHU and 50 amp. We are headed there in April.


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