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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Gem of a Day

We’ve been hanging in AL for the last few days, relaxing and enjoying some sunshine, we are in the process of traveling to Lake Park GA to visit friends from our seasonal VT campground. Instead of taking the RV all the way down to the Gulf again we decided to stay in the Foley area, I also knew that Carla and Jerry of Cozy Be Gone were in the area and we hoped to meet up with them.

Friday was a day of catch up, laundry and a few maintenance chores, a bike ride here at Rainbow Plantation and then the weather went downhill, cold and dreary the same as it’s been quite a lot this winter. Can’t really complain or my northern friends will get all over my case, just glad we’re not there to share it with them.
Saturday morning we headed to Doc’s RV Park in Gulf Shores where Carla and Jerry have been wintering over. I’ve been following their blog for awhile, we both sold our houses this summer and started our full time lives, they are from the Decatur IL area, which is near where my folks have settled. Seems Jerry and I had the same job as teenagers, we both were corn detasselers, it was a great way for a young person to earn some decent money in a short amount of time, I rode the bus from NY to IL (alone) for two summers so I could work in IL. After getting a tour of Carla and Jerry’s new rig, they are enjoying having so much more room than they did in their Casita, we headed to the beach. We spent a few hours visiting and getting to know each other while enjoying the activities on the beach.  The sun even decided to grace us for a bit with it’s appearance.

Dave was still looking for his last oyster fix so we headed to Papa Rocco's where we had a fabulous meal made all the better by our waitress Prissy. Dave had a dozen raw and a dozen Cajun oysters, then we shared a Chicken Club Pizza, while enjoying his oysters Dave was rewarded with a small pearl. Carla has a way with words, you can read here account of the day here.
Dave's pearl

Thank you Carla and Jerry we had a great time with you both, looking forward to the day our paths again.

Sunday was a day of rest for us, a nice walk around the park, got the propane tanks filled up and the Chevy gassed (diesel) up for our departure on Monday and a Nascar race to watch.

Our time on the coast is over as we slowly make our way inland in a slow drive northward, we are shooting for an arrival in VT of 4/29.

 Monday after and easy 3.5 hour ride we arrived at Eastbank COE park on Lake Seminole in GA, hope the weather cooperates it would be great to get some paddling in. Our site is huge and right on the lake, think we'll enjoy our 5 days here.  With temps in the 80's we spent the afternoon soaking up the sun and ended it with a campfire.

Until next time…


  1. Carla did a great job of sharing your visit with them. Looks like you 4 had a great time. Eastbank COE looks like a wonderful place to be. Wonder why it's only 70 here and you've got 80 north of us????

  2. I'm guessing that Dave's pearl is now your pearl? :)

  3. Dave needs to eat more oysters so he can get another pearl, and then you can turn them into a pair of earrings ;-))) We enjiyed our stay at Eastbank last year ... say hi to the resident Canada geese that visit the sites, and watch out for the ants.


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