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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Easily Amused

Thursday early afternoon the temps took a tumble so no happy hour, instead the winds kicked up and we were rockin and rollin, this site had us positioned to take the brunt of the winds on the door side where our largest window is. This is where Dave usually sits to do his thing, well his thing that evening was watching the window flex with the gale force winds hitting us broad side. I spent the afternoon watching tv in the bedroom while the wind blew, surprisingly we didn't have to take the bedroom slide in that night, with the wind hitting the other side of the rv it wasn't affecting the slide topper too much.

Friday was a dreary rainy day that we spent inside, our evening though was highlighted with a dinner invite from our friends Jackie and DuWayne. After a wonderful dinner of homemade chicken noodle soup we decided on a game of spades to entertain us for awhile, I am happy to report the women soundly trounced the guys. While walking home we noticed that there was someone staying in the MH that has sat for 5+ years.

Saturday was a beautiful day which was spent sitting in the sun, Dave went fishing for a bit to no avail. Our group was entertained by watching the new owner of the POS MH get some prelim work done on the process of getting it out of the park.

Sunday came and it was another beautiful day, around 9am a truck pulled in, the big rig mechanics were here to get the MH. By 10am we had turned our drive into the cheering section, as the day wore on some progress was made, a slide that hadn't moved in 3 years was in, he fuel was changed out and other such things, but still there were problems. All day long we watched waiting for the big moment, around 5:30pm it was determined new fuel lines were needed, the boss headed to Aransas Pass but with a long wait at the ferry didn't get back till around 7:30 so finishing the project was put off until the next morning.

the hard way to get a slide in


our man in tights with his lovely wife

Monday morning Jackie and I had plans to head to Zumba class, we talked with the mechanics who said it would be a few hours before the POS moved, so off we headed to class. After class on we took a cool down lap around part of the park, as we get to the welcome center we see the POS MH driving out of the park. We joined Dave, DuWayne and some other friends in the blustery winds to watch the mechanics  load the MH onto a trailer for it's travels to Zapata.

And the crowds came back for the finale

The POS MH is out of there
The aftermath

She's off the Gulf Waters Property

The rest of the day was taken up with preparation for our imminent departure on Tuesday, with the temps suppose to drop over night we wanted to get as much done outside as we could. We took one last walk around the park saying goodbye to the many friends we have made here, while we are sad to be leaving most of them will be back next winter and as we all know time does fly so it won't be long till we see them again. Our evening ended with dinner out with some of the closer friends we've made, this wasn't goodbye time though as we are all meeting for another dinner out on Thursday in the Rockport area.
Our Gang
We are now ready for our shortest trip, 35 miles and we'll be to Goose Island Park.

Until next time...


  1. Hope you're settled in OK at Goose Park. You sure had a windy day for your drive. Saw the POS on the flatbed after it was moved off the grounds.

    1. We made it without any trouble, just a lot of head wind but the new truck did great.

  2. That was quite a show....surprised it didn't fall apart! Heard it gets pretty windy in TX...nice you only had a short ride to the next spot. Read Goose Park is wonderful...

    1. It does get windy here, sometimes gale force even. The site we were on (620) was very exposed to the wind our new site will be protected a bit more, Goose Island is great, we are right on the bayside, can look out and see the fishing trawlers

  3. Loved your POS story :) I can't believe someone actually bought that thing! Maybe they got it for free :)

    1. The guy taking it did get it for free, he just had to move it. He has a trenching business so this was a small deal for him though it did take longer than he planned. Now it will go to a fish camp somewhere.

  4. What site are you in? I road my bike there this morning to visit another blogger. You can email me at We leave the area Saturday morning :-)


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