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Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Short Move Down The Road

Tuesday we left Gulf Waters RV Resort, while we were very sad to leave we look forward to our return next winter. It was a cold day but we had done most of the prep the day before, by 10:30 we were on the road, 35 miles later and by lunch we were set up at Goose Island State Park in one of their bayside sites.Our new truck pulled just fine, even with  head wind the engine never knew the 5th wheel was there, think this was a great buy on our part. With the sites here we had to decide what way to pull in, we ended up heading in as that gives us the best view out our large door side window, we have a rear kitchen so there is no rear window to look out of, our connections are on the wrong side but it's not a big deal.

After lunch we headed back into Rockport to visit Camper Clinic in search of a valve to take care of an issue we've been having with our black tank gate valve not closing completely, hope this solves the problem. We found the local HEB and while it's a fine store with great stuff it's not as nice as the one in Corpus Christi we love.

Wednesday was bitter cold out, I never got out of my pj's and Dave had to wear two layers of sweat pants to go fishing, crazy man that he is. He fished on and off all day coming home to warm up, though he "says" he had one big enough to keep if he could have landed it.I spent the day inside working on our March and April campgrounds to get us back to VT, our arrival date there is around the 29th of April. If our campground isn't ready we have friends willing to let us park in their drive for a few nights, hope it won't be necessary but nice to have options.

We are headed through LA, MS & AL, then headed up to Lake Park GA to visit friends, our route has private and public (state & COE) campgrounds and in Lake Park our friend is a vet so he's getting us reservations at Grassy Pond which is a military campground.  Afterwards we are heading to Montgomery AL where we will stay at Gunter Hill Park, beyond that it's still up in the air.

Today has turned into a beautiful day, Dave spent the morning fishing catching his daily limit of 5 sheepshead I on the other hand went for an hour long bike ride. After his trip we took a bike ride to see the big tree and view some birds in the field across from it.

Big Oak - over 1000 years old,  what tales it could tell of hurricanes, fires, drought, floods and so much more.

 Oyster boats seen right outside our door.

We met friends from Gulf Waters for a late lunch or early dinner at Pop's Tavern just a few minutes from here. It was so nice of them to come out and meet us, like all of our friends we will miss them and look forward to seeing them again next winter. We already have plans for our first rib bbq, Dec 2nd so if anyone is around then come and join us.

Wednesday's sunset
Dave's off fishing again so no camel pictures :(

Until next time...


  1. So glad you found Pops :) We had a few really good times there.
    The HEB in Corpus is the closest HEB plus in the area :( You may need a road trip before leaving the area :)

  2. So glad you found Pops :) We had a few really good times there.
    The HEB in Corpus is the closest HEB plus in the area :( You may need a road trip before leaving the area :)

  3. Glad to hear your drive to Rockport wasn't impacted much by the winds. I see you saw the cranes ... even if they did keep their distance.

  4. We often park "backwards" and have to run the connections under the coach. It's all about the best view. :-) Sorry to hear your winter in the south has had some VERY cold days in it. But it sounds like you are happy with where you were. Love that oak tree picture. What a gorgeous tree.


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