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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Colorado: Visiting Family and Friends

October 15-21, 2019

After arriving safely at Cheyenne Mountain State Park we headed to one of the Red Robin’s in Colorado Springs, the draw of this one is that our son is a waiter there. After another great lunch there we headed to his place where we got to say hi to his girlfriend before she headed off to work. Plans were made for the next few days and the enjoyment of spending time with Tom, and Krystal, began.

Over the next week we spent their time off enjoying their company and doing a few tourist things.

Bishop's Castle

Jim Bishop
Over the years Jim has been single handily building Bishop Castle, all through the donations from the public. Jim’s Parkinson diagnose has brought a halt to any more building of the castle. Hopes are he has sat a Guiness record of the largest structure built by one man. There is talk of a foundation when Jim passes to preserve his legacy.

Royal Gorge

Anderson Farms Fall Festival; where we spent the day in a corn maze, wandered around a pumpkin field, and when the day turned to night, the place became Terror In The Corn with a haunted village and a paintball fight with zombies.

Not too many pumpkins due to an early freeze

We had a couple of days free so we contacted some local friends and arranged some meetups. Unfortunately we due to our time restrictions we weren’t able to catch up with everyone, we’ll try again next year for a longer visit in the area.

We first met Mark & Janell in AZ our first winter there, we’ve caught up with them a few times since. They now have their home base in Salida CO which was about a 2-hour ride from us on a very scenic route. An afternoon of catching up went by way too fast, looking forward to our next catchup.

We met Steve and Cathy on our Alaska Caravan, we had hoped to catch up with them when we were in Ft Collins but alas with our RV issues that wasn’t meant to be. Since there were only about 3 hours between us we decided to meet for lunch in Denver at Rock Bottom Brewery in Centennial, Dave enjoyed his flight A fun few hours and our visit was too quickly over, can’t wait to see them again.

Views from site 9 Cheyenne Mountain State Park.

As our departure day neared it was clear that we would be leaving in snow, so once again an adjustment to plans was made and we left Colorado Springs two days early. Very thankful we were able to make it to see Tom and Krystal, going to try and plan our visit a little earlier next year.

Until next time…


  1. Family, friends, pumpkins and a castle. Fun times. We sure love the SW of CO!

    1. We love CO!! Planning on an earlier visit next fall.

  2. It has been a long time since we have been to Bishop's Castle or the Royal Gorge. Glad you beat the snow.

    1. Both are so different from our first visits to them.

  3. Lots of meet ups for you guys the past month. Just another excuse to hit a brewery! That castle is cool, what an accomplishment. Sometimes I feel like we are on a similar endless journey with our house!

    1. Dave doesn't need an excuse to visit a brewery.

  4. Was the zipline across the canyon still there? Steve did that one, I chickened out :)
    Meet ups is always fun, reconnecting with friends we met on the road. Too bad snow is pushing you away.

    1. Yep the zipline was still there, a little too cold to think about doing it when we were there. Always look forward to our meetups with friends we've met on the road.


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